knee surgery

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Feb 9, 2008
My dd needs to have the OATS procedure on her knee, has anyone ever had that surgery or is familiar with it who can clue me in on just what to expect? Thanks


I've heard of the procedure - but don't know anyone who has had it done. I have had 5 knee surgeries in about the past 15 years of so. The only advice I can give you is make sure she listens to her doctors and does the rehab as told. I thought if I pushed myself a little harder I would get full use of my knee back quicker (impatient youth thing) - didn't work out that way, lol. In my right knee I now have scar tissue interfering with the tendons & ligaments. When I had the surgery on my left knee I actually listened and that one healed very well and I haven't had any issues with it. I have had additional surgeries trying to fix the problems with the right knee, but still have a lot of problems. In order to fix it the way they should would be major and I'm not willing to do that unless I absolutely have to. These gymnasts tend to be the type to push themselves and fight through pain - try not to let her do that - she will be better off in the long run that way. Good luck to her and keep us filled in.

gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
Never had it done, but she will have to accept the fact that she will not be doing gymnastics for awhile. Simply put they replace damaged bone/cartilage with donor cartilage. Has shown to be a good short term repair for some knee injuries, but they don't really know how the repair holds up long term(ie--would she need another surgery in 20 yrs?). Its being used alot in some patients with early/painful arthritis to put off or possibly prevent and total knee replacement.

What did she do to warrant such big time surgery?
Feb 9, 2008
Tumbling, she just landed to hard on it to many times the final landing was at the Arnold Classic while she was competing on FX she landed and it just buckled right out from under her. This was not the first time it buckled. She finished her routine iced and them vaulted on it earning a 2nd place finish. She kept her game face on. Her former Ortho. kept saying it was just the pain of the sport and maybe a sprain. It is amazing the pain tolerance of these gymnast. I got a second opinion and the contrast dye MRI showed the damage. She had the surgery yesterday and it was even worse then expected. The knee needed to be opened which means a bigger scar. The crack was really a flap that covered a lesion the size of the DR thumb clear down to the bone. She will be home from school for a week while the stabilizer is on it and until she is off pain meds. 6 weeks no weight bearing which means crutches. I hope this works because the next step would be a replacement in the future. She's only 14 so her growth plates are still open which is to her benefit. We must think POSITIVE. No negative talk is allowed especially around my DD. The job for now is to keep her spirits up and to listen to all the docs and PT orders. Any sucess stories are welcome!
Dec 8, 2007
One of my teammates tore most of the ligiments in her knee and she has surgery on it in September like she got someone elses ligiments put in and now its April and shes able to do everything again!!!!
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