Kristina Baskett worked out at our gym tonight!

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Jul 14, 2009
Bonney Lake, WA
Tonight at the gym Kristina Baskett from the University of Utah was there and worked out for a couple of hours. It was amazing to see such a high level gymnast in person. She mostly messed around on the bars, little bit on the floor. Everything she did looked amazing just because even the simplest tricks were just performed so well.
Her club coach is now at our gym and I thought she was just visiting but she was here again tonight and it looks like she is doing choreography for some of the optional girls.
She is really a sweet girl. She coached at my dd gym for a couple of days. The little rec kids she coached were just in awe of her....she is like a celebrity in Utah. Of course my older dd was in awe of Ashley Postell when she came to coach her! But they were both very down to earth and really nice.
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