Parents K's 2nd Prep-Op Meet/Gym Update

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Ok guys! I have gotten dd's final Prep-Op meet up. She had some uncharacteristic falls, but considering the crazy week we had prior (w/ all the boxing-up & moving) I think she was a real trooper. Here's the link:

YouTube - K's 2nd Prep-Op Meet 2009

She picked a gym! It was one of those 'love at first sight' things. They made her feel so welcome, and the girls were very sweet & supporitve of her, right from the first minute she was there. Not a fancy, high-pressure place, but good coaching, nice girls and not too hectic of a gym schedule.

Thanks for all the support.

I look forward to getting on CB more in the next few days, and seeing what is up w/ you all! Sorry I have not been able to be around to offer any congrats, support, or well-wishes, but I'll get there soon! :)
What a great job she did, amazing that she did so well with all the stuff going on with the move and feeling unwell. What a trooper.

Great that she has found "the gym", nice when they feel so welcome.

Nice to have you back.
Welcome Back! Congrats on the new gym! Good luck with the move!

K looks great! I love her long long legs.

Get moved, settled and we will catch up on the new gym, skills and house soon!
Congrats on a great meet. She is so beautiful to watch! She has great lines and is so graceful! Congrats too on the new gym.
Wow, you have been busy, squeezing in a meet and everthing. I hope the new gym works out. Sometimes it just feels right and you have to go with how you feel.

Now the unpacking begins? I don't know which is worse, packing or unpacking?
K and a great farewell fl meet !I am glad you have found a gym so quick.What Level are they going to put her in ?
K and a great farewell fl meet !I am glad you have found a gym so quick.What Level are they going to put her in ?
She will begin training for L7. We'll see if she gets her skills in time to compete next Winter!
Congrats on the move and finding a gym.

You have been a busy gal make sure to take time for yourself and rest at least once.

DD is at a lower pressure gym we love it and wouldn't trade ot for more or higher place medals.

Best wishes to DD I amsure she will work hard and get her skills
What a stunning gymnast you have there! She is so talented and graceful!! I'm glad she found a gym that she loves! And I have no doubt she'll learn those routines in time :)
Thank you so much, everyone, for your very kind comments about dd, and all the support about our move! I am so grateful for my CB family. And although I have been busier than usual, I have been 'taking five' here & there, to try & maintain my sanity! Thanks for encouraging me to do so. It's easy to feel guilty for being idle when there is so much to do!

Besides the move, we had hubby's BDay last week, gymmie dd's 13th BDay this week, and then older, non-gymie dd is turing 16 next week! EEK! We have had nice, quiet family celebrations so far for the 2 BDays we've had, although I feel a bit sad for the girls not having any friends here to have big bashes for their 13th & 16th. We are not a family who does big BDays every year, so it's been several years since we had parties for either dd, as we were figuring on doing- up their 13th & 16th. But then, life has a way of throwing curve balls at you, does it not? So I guess (or rather, I hope) that maybe next year we can do fun, friend-filled BDays for their 14th & 17th....!

DD is liking her new gym. 4th day today. She is working on giants (w/ a spot) and she has her BHS on low beam already, without mats or spots! She got it in 2 days. The first half of it she leraned in one of her try-outs at another gym (!), and then she finished it off at her try-out at this gym! Too funny...

Today she informed me that they started training 'Yurchenko"-type vaults, and I finally had a skill I did not really know about! I had to ask what exactly it was! Apparently tho, they did not use the vault table, just the springboard & mats. But she is a bit sore in her joints, so she needs to watch it and not overdo, which she is being really good about. She is just growing so fast, that her growth plates, tendons, ligaments & all, cannot quite keep up! Poor little tall thing!

Anyway, thanks for the continued cheering-on we get here on CB. It is really helping me get thru this weird in-between stage we are in! You're all great. :)
Wow 3 b-day in 2 wks ,I sometimes wished I had never started the party thing now my dd expects each year ,when me and my sister,brothers grew up we never had parties with friends it was just the family .I am so glad they have your dd training for L7 she is going to be an awesome opt. gymnast and sounds like she is doing great at getting her skills.I am built like your dd and at 13 I was all arms and legs and had growing pains at night for years.
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