MAG L4 Fl State youtube critique

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Men's Artistic Gymnastics
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Jun 6, 2008
Well after Harv and Shane were commenting on what judges look for, here is DS State Championship L4...

I love when people critique because I learn what is right and wrong, AND i can get a feel for what the judges look for....

Personally, there is a boy on our team that to me looks more perfect than my son...however my son SCORES better...why is this?

This boy is so precise and exact.....maybe he is SO precise that he has no excitement??

Oh well....I guess scores depend on the individual's taste a bit...

YouTube - 2009 Fl State Meet Level 4 men boys Gymnastics

Thanks for looking......
PS We are beyond proud....Still in shock quite frankly.
He scored 3rd highest across ALL ages L4, with the highest PH in all L4!
Floor: Momentary hold on handstand needed; bobble after cartwheel sequence; bent legs on the press handstand; too much hesitation on scale

Pommel Horse:
Legs slightly apart on travel; good swings, but needs to show more hip movement; slight form breaks on mushroom, but a great mushroom routine overall

Still Rings:
Legs apart on swings; leg separation on back lever; legs came apart on dismount and his chest was down

Very good vault, except for the piking at the end. The gymnasts should show a straight body throughout the entire straight jump.

Parallel Bars:
Slight form breaks on the swings; could've pressed out of the straddle L and into the L hold; first swing after the L Hold was arched; hopped on the dismount

High Bar:
Cast was arched; back swings are piked; leg separation in half turn; I like his tap swing, except for the piking in the back

Hope that helps!
Not open for further replies.