L5 Routines

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Apr 10, 2009
Okay, there's this one gymnast at my local gym that constantly keeps telling me that I'm so good for a L3 that I should be a L5. Could someone tell me what the L5 bar and beam routine consist of? Thanks! (I was just curious to know if I would be able to if my gym allowed it ... or if I wasn't a wimp! LOL) :p



Mar 29, 2009
North Carolina
Bars: Kip, front hip circle, cast to horizontal, squat-on, jump to high bar, kip, cast to horizontal, backhipcircle into underswing, 2 tap swings, and then a half-twist dismount thing.

Beam: The skills are: heel-snap turn, leap, handstand (hold for 2 seconds), cartwheel, half turn, a scale, and the side handstand-turn out dismount.

If you have any questions, please ask me :)
gymfan4ever95 did a great job at explaining, but I just wanted to clarify the bars dismount a little more. For the dismount, you want to swing to horizontal in the front, let go of the bars with ONE hand as you twist. Then you tap the bar with the hand you originally let go of, and let go of the bar, and land on your feet. Sorry if I didn't do a good job of clarifying. I can try again, if you need more clarification, or you could search for the routines on youtube.
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