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Mar 7, 2008
Region 7
Little Monkey had her last L5 sectional yesterday. We had a 3:45 report time, so she was antsy all day, couldn't wait to get there. The best surprise was that the day before, we found out that the new coach was going to coach the girls at the meet!!! When we arrived at the gym, he was outside and greeted her and asked if she felt "strong" LOL. It was a very different atmosphere.

DD had been fighting the bars demons for almost 2 years. For the past week, she has been working hard with this coach and doing well. First event - BARS ...he came over to tell me that the bars were set for her and look, they are even the same color as ours...OMG that was so cute!! Warmups were making me nervous, but Little Monkey got up there and did her squat on and caught the high bar - 8.6, no placement but a darn good score for her!!

Next, beam, now one of the other coaches had made some corrections the day before and I think trying to focus on the "new" things made her a bit wobbly. Still, it was a decent routine 9.05 - 7th place.

Fx - was way on the other side but she looked like she had a pretty solid routine. Coach reminded her to dive "high" and her dive roll looked really good. 8.8 -8th place

Vault - usually one of her weaker events but again, steadily improving since this coach came on board. She salutes, she vaults, she scores....9.125 :D!!!! Her personal best (prior highest USAG vault was 8.75) - 8th place.

AA 35.575 - 8th place

One month till States!!!
What a great sounding new coach you have there, I love the way he welcomed her to the meet. SOme great scores and wonderful triumphs. Maybe this new coach is the beginning of really great things.

COngrats on making States.
What an awesome meet she had! Sounds like she has an awesome new coach, that is great!
Congrats to DD!!! What a great meet for her!!! Her new coach sounds wonderful. Good luck at states!!!
Great job LM - she sounds like she getting better everyday! Keep it up and she'll rock at States!
Congrats to dd!! I hope she has a successful State meet! Keep us posted!
Thanks everyone. LM is the only one from her team going to States, so since I'm footing the entire bill for the coaching fee, I put in a request for new coach :D LM is very excited about States....but last night she had another encounter with the mean girl so her practice was cut short.... UGH. This situation is so out of control, the Program Director actually called me in to discuss it b/c she knew DD was very upset.
Congrats to LM for a wonderful meet! Great scores :D Wishing her tons of luck for her state meet - she is going to do wonderful!
Way to go! Good luck at States! Sounds like you got a great new coach, too.
Woohoo! Congrats to Little Monkey. She had a great meet!

Just wanted to post and say thanks for the encouragement on vault. After struggling all year with it, my dd got an 8.6 at her last meet. She was thrilled!

Just wanted to post and say thanks for the encouragement on vault. After struggling all year with it, my dd got an 8.6 at her last meet. She was thrilled!


I'm glad she's getting better :) Vault is hard when they are petite! With the new coach, he broke down for LM different "parts" to work on and eventually she was able to pull it together...but this is our THIRD season (end of 2nd calendar year) with this vault so it took quite a while!
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