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May 21, 2008
DD had her L6 State meet this past weekend. She had a great time and is happy to be done competing these routines. Hopefully, on to level 7. She had a really good day except for bars, her nemisis.
First event was bars, and she fell on the squat on, but other than that it was pretty good. 7.2. Then to beam 9.1, 6th place. Floor 9.25, 5th place and Vault 8.675 (vault scores seemed very low). I think it was her best floor and vaults of the year. And her beam was so pretty. Here is the link:
YouTube - Emma's State Gymnastics Meet Level 6

Congrats on a great season finish and on to level 7!! Beam was very nice and I thought her vault was great as well, who gets those level 6 vault scores anyway? LOL. Pretty floor routine, too. I am sure she is proud and that you are as well.
Our team was the host I was the one timing the bar falls. I think the level 6 bars look so hard and I thought the judges were really tough on the bars. I keep thinking my daughter is never going to get those level 6 bar skills, she was just moved up to level 5. Congradulations to your daughter she did well, I hope she had fun, it was so hot on Saturday.
PandaGirlsMom: it is a small world. It sure was hot, my dd cheeks were bright pink. I thought the meet was very well run and enjoyable. She is not at all bothered by the fall on bars. It is not her best event, but she went for her connection instead of stopping.
My dd had a girl from your gym in her rotation and she said she was really nice. They chatted the whole time.
Also, we have never been to a meet where floor warm up was done like they did it on Saturday. Seemed weird to me how the warmed up in between floor routines only. I thought they were all going to tumble into each other. Oh well, it worked for my dd as she did a great floor routine.
Take care...
Pandagirlsmom: I forgot to ask you if you dd was in the candy dance? We were all very impressed. You can tell they put a lot of time into this. It was long and had a lot of steps for them to remember. It make the time waiting for the awards go by so fast. Very entertaining.
To gymmom 14
My daughter was one of the small girls up front in the dance. She had fun doing it, the coaches did a really good job this year with the choreography. I could be wrong but I think they warm up that way on the floor because it is faster.
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