L7 Beam Time Limit

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Hi all! We have been struggling with OT on beam routine since DD changed her beam dance. What is the max time limit for USAG beam? Also, if she is halfway through her dismount (in the air on her front tuck) when the time bell rings, is that still a deduction for OT?
Hi! I don't know about the time limit, but I think that it is still OT if they are in the air. I'm not 100% positive, though, but I am pretty sure that it is still OT. Good luck!
Overtime is .10
Time limit L7 beam is 1:20
Has she asked her coach to take out a little of the dance so she is not overtime?
If its not just the dance- maybe the coach wants her to do something, move more smoothly, etc. I once coached a L7 who stood before her BHS for about 5 seconds- causing OT. I tried to work w/ her, but she could not change the long pause, until she realized she was contantly going OT, that was the 1 thing that stopped her from the long pause.
Quick update on DD...coaches worked with her to adapt her mount, and convinced her to do the BWO-BHS instead of BWO-BWO and the extra backhandspring. It worked! As you suggested gymch34, she was hesitating too long for her BWo-BWO series, as well as the BHS. Now, she has a much tighter routine, has less deductions (because she usually twists in her second BWO, causing bent legs), and best of all, doesn't even get a warning for time!
Not open for further replies.