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Mar 10, 2008
Wow. What a week it was leading up to it. She had the "eye of the tiger" 2 weeks ago. Then a fall on giants leading to a text last Thursday...."I fell and I am scared I don't want to do it". Without ever telling her she had to we consoled and listened. Then I told her if you don't want to do gymnastics anymore no one is going to make you, but I hate to see you quit over something you have been doing for over a year. Explained mental blocks, adversity, and the need to "get back on the bike". Told her to ease back into it if she felt better about doing it that way.

Her and J left for the meet with neither one excited or enthused. A 2 hour ride with pep talks and Starbucks at least had her pumped about doing 3 events.

I don't think this could have been any better scripted. When they get there they find out that not only is Bars her last event, but she goes last on Bars.

I'm following along online and see that after 3 events she is 1st AA. Then get a text "she's choking" in regard to warming up on Bars. My heart breaks for her, say a prayer and hope for the best.
A bar routine and a 9.175 later she has won the AA with a 37.350. My little girl is so strong, and I am so proud!

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That's great! What a life lesson about over coming a challenge and not letting it beat you :). So happy for both of you and here's to a great season.
Congratulations! I love how much persistence and courage this sport teaches. Sounds like your daughter has been an excellent student.
I tried to embed a video of the meet, but failed.
Our youtube channel has the most recent meet on there plus I added some of her older events yesterday.
Her younger sister sings and I had more videos of her than Sam so I tried to even it up a little.
Check some out if you have time and give them some views.

HepX4's Channel - YouTube
WTG to your DD. Im sure she was just over the moon for looking those bars in the eyes and saying.."your not going to beat me today".
DD and I watched our optionals last weekend and I know I was amazed at the determination of these girls. How fantastic that your daughter overcame her anxiety to perform her bar routine. Good for her!
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