L8/L9 - How is regional qualification determined?

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Apr 26, 2010
Can anyone explain how L8/L9 regional (and L9 National) teams are determined? Does it vary based on region? It doesn't seem to be based solely on how the gymnast places at state. We had optionals qualify the last few years, but I've never understood the selection method.
in level 9 and 10 it's a 34AA at states in our region (region 7). Technically it goes by region, but I'm not aware that any of the 8 regions currently have any different qualification system for level 9 and 10 right now.

Level 8 is a different story and that's where there's more variation. Some regions do a flat 34AA at states system in level 8, but in region 7 it goes by placement. The top 6 in each age group make up the VA team at R7 level 8 regionals. Two alternates (7th and 8th) qualify to the two "all star" teams at regionals made up of a gymnast from each state (VA, MD, DE, PA, WV, NJ).

It gets a little more confusing because the smaller states can't always fill all 8 of their spots in all age groups. So there is a system where further alternates from the larger states (VA included) usually compete on the other state teams or in All-Star slots. This is all decided after the conclusion of all the state meets.
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As someone said, you need a 34 AA to make Regionals for L9 & L10. In our region (4), level 8s also need a 34 AA, but I know that varies.

Level 9 depends on whether you are in Easterns or Westerns. From your name, I gather you are in Easterns--for them, the top 6 in each age group qualify to Easterns (Eastern Nationals). Westerns has fewer age groups (half the number) so the top 12 in each age group qualify. Age groups were recently announced and are posted on most regions websites as well as at USAG.
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In region 8, level 7 and 8 spots are distributed among the states based on a % of how many gymnasts at each level earned a 32 and a 34 (this is for both levels). So each state has a different number of qualifiers. NC has around 55 vs FL who has 100 for level 8. Then at states, the qualifiers are determined by AA across all age divisions. Sort of confusing but it works, I guess. There are some crazy things that happen though. Ex. A girl could place first in her age division and not qualify for regionals. Especially at L7 where there are fewer spots.

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Region 7 here, so what Gymdog said...

Proud to report that all of our 9/10 team members qualified for Regionals this weekend.

Signed, mom of gymmie praying for one of those L8 spots!!
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