Lake Owen camp?

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Well i have a few questions. Have any of you been to Lake Owen, or Woodward West? I'm thinking about going to one in WI. But I was wondering did you go with your friends/team, or did you go alone and just make friends? Who do you share rooms with (is it based on age or level or random)? Were there people who weren't like really high levels? Because I'm afraid since i'd be going into 9th grade and working like level 8-ish skills. If you could answer those it'd really help! :)
I haven't been but I can share what I've heard. And I'll be attending Woodward in Pennsylvania this summer.
Heres what I've heard,
You room with girls your age. And there are all levels that attend from Rec. Gymnasts to Very Beginners to Higher Levels.
You most likely won't be the only one working level 8-ish skills. I've heard there are a lot of lower level girls there (like levels 5, 6's) and go all the way up.
I'm sure you'll fit right in.

I'm worried I may be the only older girl who is only working level 5ish skills. But oh well I'm going to have fun!
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My gynnie has been to LO for the last 3 years and loves it. She has gone with othe girls from her gym, but comes home with names/cell numbers for many new friends. You are put in cabins based on age, so you would be with other girls 12 and older. After check in on Sunday, they have you do a skills test and then you're put in groups based on skills. Might depend on whcih session as to how many L8s and up, but they usually have at least 2 training groups for those levels.
I have gone to WW West 3 times and here are some things I can tell you. Warning this could be long.

You are put in cabins with about 12 other girls that are your age + a consouler. The cabins are really nice,they have AC and heater on both sides of the cabin,good bathroom and sinks(2 showers and toilets in each cabin and 4 sinks) and the beds are pretty decent not the super horrible camp beds. Your consouler is normally really nice,normally around the age of 18,19,20 so they are pretty cool,not like super duper strict or anything. Curfew is 10:00 lights out at 11:00 hill duty comes around every night between then and makes sure your in your cabin and brings night meds(to those who need have them). The girls in your cabin are really nice and your consouler will make sure of that :p

I have met people who have gone by themselves and who have gone with some teammates. Either way you will meet new friends and will have a great time. If you are on the shy side I might go with a teammate but you will still make friends,all the campers are generally nice and will make sure you have someone to hang out with. I know everytime I have gone I have made friends even though I went with my team and still keep in touch with the girls I met.

Also the staff is super nice. They are there to make sure you have a great time and feel comfortable. They will do anything to make sure you are happy. If it means changing cabins they will let you(once i switched cabins 3 times in 1 week and they didnt ask any questions they just wanted to make sure i was happy). The coaches are really nice and out-going. they will pull the best personality out of you, and all the other staff is super nice.

ON sunday night when you get there they will have skills testing to place you in a training group for the week. Basically they ask you what vault you can do/are working on, and you show them your best tumbling on floor and your best skills on bars. They rate you 1,2,3. 3 being you can do into the pit and 1 by yourself on floor. there are normally about 5 training groups. group 5- being rec,group 4- level 4s training 5,group 3- 5 training 6,group 2- being 6 training 7 and some level 7s and group-1 7s training 8 and above. So if you are going to be training level 8 you will be in group 1 or 2 depending on the skill level of that week. And most likely some of the girls from your cabin will be in your training group.

Some random facts are this. On sunday they take you on a tour of the camp,tell you the rules ect. The food is pretty good. Lots of choices. Breakfast there is always toast,bagles,a fruit bar, and cereal. Then there is the main course so waffles,pancakes something along those lines. Lunch you can still make toast and there is a salad bar. At WW West you can get a hamburger,veggie burger, or hot dog at lunch or dinner everyday if you dont like the main course. Dinner is the same as lunch. The rec activities are a ton of fun and the pool is awesome.

I hope this answers some of your questions. Feel free to ask any more Im willing to help.
Thanks you guys, it really helped! I think i'm applying for a scholarship, so wish me luck :)
I went to Lake Owen last summer and absolutely loved it. It was really fun and I learned a lot. I was going into eighth grade and only a level five and I felt that I fit in very well. There were so many girls of different ages and levels, you won't feel out of place. I did go with girls from my gym, but I wouldn't worry if you don't. As long as you are friendly, you will make tons of friends. As for rooms, they have the junior campers (under age 10) but otherwise I think its random, besides room requests. Overall, I would definitely reccoment it.
Our gym goes to the UW-Whitewater camp each year and have a blast. Some girls have gone to lake owen but enjoyed UWW better. This is the first year my daughter is going.
My DD (15 years old, L9) Has been going to Lake Owen for years. She LOVES it.

You will fit in just fine, they assess your skills and put you in groups based on skills preformed. You will be with girls with your similar skills. From what I have seen the past few years you will be with girls about your ages as well. If you have friends that are going you can request staying in the cabin with them. But like other posters, my DD has always come away with Facebooks and Cell phone numbers of some great new friends. One of them she even reconnected with at the Chicago Style meet after 4 years.

It was pretty neat.
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