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Prix Princess

I don't do Gymnastics on a regular basis but, I thought myself how to do a Cartwheel and Round-off, not very well ether, so i'd love it if someone would critique/tell me what I should be doing in these videos.

My Round-Off

My Cartwheel

ps I know my lading on my cartwheel sucks, lol and my round-off. Any suggestions on how to fix that?

pss I'm not really going that slow, I just slowed the videos down so you can actually see them.



my computer won't let me play the videos, but I can try to give you some general tips.

cartwheels:hand-hand, foot-foot. Split your legs as wide as they go. When you end, get your legs in a nice big lunge. Go as slow as you need to.

ro: have a nice, long and low hurdle. When your hands are on the ground, they should make t shape when put together. You need to push off your hands and snap your feet down. End with a rebound, followed by a bent-knee stick. hope that helps!:)


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Sep 3, 2005

Try practicing your cartwheels without running. Learn them on both your left and right side. Start and finish in a deeper lunger (feet farther apart, front leg bent more). Also, make sure you are doing them on a straight line. It looks like you are reaching off to the side instead of straight out.
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