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Proud Parent
Jan 29, 2019

I had been following chalkbucket for a very-very long time, I remember when dunno was an expert here. We are very large family, have 6 kids (adopting 7th), and we love gymnastics. I grew up in Eastern Europe during communist times and moved to US in my early 20s, and met my husband here. In my home country (back long time ago), you couldn't just sign up to do gymnastics, you had to be selected. I remember coach coming to our school and testing us all for flexibility and strength, and I was selected to attend! However, I was told after a month of classes not to come back, I wasn't good enough, I was 7 at a time :(. So that was it for me, but I had always enjoyed watching sports, and I am competitive person (although without any athletic talents). I love gymnastics, it is the best sport out there.

I currently have three kids on a team - girl level 8, girl level 6 and boy level 4. I also had a boy that competed level 5 last year, but quit team recently to do other sports. One of my daughters tried gymnastics, but was never on the team track and now is a dancer, and then I have a little guy who is in rec classes. My craziest moment as a gym mom (so far) was me totally losing it when my now level 8 daughter wasn't moved up to pre-team :). This was about 8 years ago and I was just crying and crying (at home, no one else saw thankfully). It is funny to look back and think how much it mattered back then.

I am looking forward to having some gymnastic-related discussions!
Not open for further replies.

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