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Mar 1, 2007
Our season offically ended as a level 4 at the Star Struck Invitational in Atlantic City,NJ

We had an early start since DD had a 10:40am report time and it was about 2-2 1/2 hrs from our house. We also had some running around to do before we left town since DS (10) had a wrestling match too. We dropped him off where he needed to be and grandparents were on their way to watch him so we could go. Because of V-Day and a cheer comp also at the covention center we were not sure what the traffic would be like so we tried to get on the road quickly. We had her ready to go by 8am but we are NOT morning people...the early start times or early travel times do not work well for us. We got there in plenty of time though and it was a beautiful convention center! No offense to the cheer girls on this board but the comp cheerleaders did scre us a little bit. We tried to hit the bathrooms first and were overcome by hair spray fumes, and glitter clouds. These girls had glitter all over their eyeslids even! How the heck are you supposed to cheer with glitter in your eye???

OK, so the place was so big there were like 2 or 3 meets going on at the same time! AMAZING! It was a really well run meet and the only hold up was for awards which seemed to take as long as the meet did! DD did not have her best day, but it was OK, she was told this was just for FUN, no pressure and no expectations. She just got cleared for her foot about 2 weeks ago so we tried not to stress over scores.

Beam was first...OK, hate beam so let's just do this and be done with it. She did well, no falls, beautiful held handstand got some "oh's" from the crowd because she can hold a handstand on the beam in practice for about 25 seconds, LOL, however she had some wobbles. On that one skill where you are on one leg with your arms out like an airplane...she sort of forgot to do it right and it looked just awkward, but she got an 8.775. Vault up next which made me nervous. She has been doing some vaults these past 2 weekend but mostly off the vault table as a L5. She still hesitates a little in the run but got an 9.125 and happy to be back in the 9's here. Floor! Not sure what went off here but she was just loose and not tight at all. Looked really bouncy and even her ROBHS looked funky. She's been in the 9's and even placed at states with her floor. Here she got a 8.825. The bars....ACK! She LOVES BARS and pretty much has her L5 bar routine already! Coach just helps her jump to the high bar but she does the squat on and kip herself in practice. She really hasn't been in L4 bar mode, so she over rotated that mill circle and had to hoist herself up and finish the routine for a 8.650 and came off CRYING! She was so upset and it was the last event (thankfully) because she wanted to do better and knows she could have done better there. Coach said "who cares anyway, you have your L5 routine, this was for fun" so we all started laughing and she stopped crying. However, as a team we got 5th place and our team girls had a GREAT day and scored in the 36's. It was fun to watch a teamate get all 9's she's been working so hard all season you love to enjoy watching a sucess story!
So here is the breakdown! DD just had her 8th B-Day so she is in a new & higher age bracket (missed the younger age group by one week!) now so comp was a little tougher than usual, LOL

Vault 9.125 (6th place)
Bars 8.650 (no place)
Beam 8.775 (12th place)
Floor 8.825 (13th)

AA 35.375 (14th place out of 26 girls)

Plus if you stayed on the beam you got an extra medal for being a beam queen!

Nice meet and well run, girls got sweatshirts that you could get airbrushed for $10.00 so DD was happy with that. Long day though and since we were the only ones without a hotel roon (2 boys waitting at home with gramdma and grandpa)we headed home and hit McD's on the way...traditional after meet food...ick!

We are totally in L5 now, want to kiss L4 goodbye forever (especially the bars routine) and move onto some bigger and better things...DD loves learning the L5 stuff and I think this is where her head is now. Hasta la vista LEVEL 4
Even with the little glitches, her AA is nothing to sneeze at! Congrats on finishing Level 4 and going out with a bang!

The meet does sound like fun, but even if we do it as a team next year, Little Monkey won't be in it (she'll be L6). Our team does not normally do post-season meets once States is over because they start training for USAIGC.
LOL, I was just replying to your post about your older DD's sectional...trying to get caught up with posts here. It is the first time I have had a nothing to do day in weeks! Eating all the caramels from my Valentine's Day candy, LOL, and posting here.

It was a HUGE very well...lots of different gyms. DD made friends with 2 girls from another gym in her rotation. Don't know what gym it was because just names were printed on the program and I didn't catch gym name at awards. But they really bonded with our tream girls and my DD even sat with them and hi-five'd them on the podium! We don't usually do post season meets either...not sure why we did this one either but oh well it's done now. Is your DD looking forward to L6? Our gym goes right from L5 to L7, we don't have a L6 team.
Yeah to saying goodbye to Level 4:)
I was so glad to kiss that level 4 bar routine bye bye when Emily finished level 4 :)
I think you dd did great too:)
sounds like great scores and a fun meet:)
I can't wait to see her doing those level 5 routines:)
I have a new level 4 after March so I am back to level 4 bars, lol....I can't wait :rolleyes:
Great job! This sounds like a very nice meet. Who doesn't like a well run meet, lord knows we've all been to enough of the poorly run meets. I'm glad that your dd ended up having fun and kudos for the beam queen medal (what a nice idea). Good luck for the next season as Level 5!
Blackie - I think your DD did great. With so much going on - all the travel, a big convention center, hairspray fumes and glitter clouds !!!

35+ AA is fantastic.

I am glad that your DD is also off the DL !!!
Sounds like a really good meet. Congratulations! Now on to Level 5 - it's always fun for the girls to move on to new routines and skills!:D

Have fun!
She must be so happy she's moving up. It's nice to have new skills to keep it interesting for them. She can be very proud of all she accomphished as a L4! Now it's time for movin' on up!!! You go girl!!! Have fun!
She did great! That meet sounds like alot of fun! Good Luck moving on to Level 5...I'm sure she will love it! It is so exciting for them to work the new skills and get the new music!
Is your DD looking forward to L6? Our gym goes right from L5 to L7, we don't have a L6 team.

Yup! She already knows all the routines, lol. We had one L6 this yr who competed a couple of meets by herself but she didn't score out so she will likely repeat and Little Monkey will join her. There's another L5 who is 13 and prob also move up. The other 2 L5's have not scored out yet...
Awesome Job... How exciting to be moving on. I can only assume that Juju will be a repeater at level 4 with her being so young (she still has a lot of polishing needed in her routines). I definitely envy you for getting to leave that evil mill circle behind. Now on to level 5 where you get to watch your DD roll around on the floor to what sounds a bit too much like stripper music - LOL

(I apologize in advance if my comment offends anyone.)
where you get to watch your DD roll around on the floor to what sounds a bit too much like stripper music - LOL

(I apologize in advance if my comment offends anyone.)

LOL you are absolutely right. I'm in my 3rd year of stripper music as my oldest was the first L5 season with these routines and this is little monkey's 2nd yr with it. After a while, you don't even notice it!
Good luck with L5. It sounds like your DD is already well on her way. Hasta la vista L4! I hate the L4 bar routine too. I'd love to say we are done with it too in another month, but I have a feeling we have another wonderful year to look forward to it. :rolleyes:
I know how you feel my daughter had such a high AA score in her last meet and this past one was down from a 37.1 to 35.5. We have 3 more meets including states and then I think we will be also moving on to level 5. Thankfully we have all summer to work on the kip and fronthandspring, I think my daughter knows the beam and floor routines from practicing with the level 5's I think she is up for more of a challenge since the beam and floor are longer and have more things in them she really does well at remembering the different movements and steps it is the actual skills such as the kip and fronthandsprings that takes her longer. I am not so sure I am happy to say goodbye to the level 4 bars, It's going to be hard for me to watch her jump to the high bar what if she falls!
Congrats to your DD on a great level 4 season!! Hooray for level 5!!! Isn't if fun when they finish up how excited they get all over again! On to new things. Way to bounce back! Congrats again!
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