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Jan 9, 2008
Daughter had her last level 4 meet over the weekend. She did well placed 3in AA with a 35.5 got all 9's except those dam bars which she got a 8.25(She went around 2x in the mill circle). She ended up with a trophy for her AA and 4 medals for each event she placed 2 in beam and 3rd in floor. She excited to be a level 5 but we stayed to watch her friends compete level 5 and I think she really has her work cut out for her this summer, it looks really alot more involved. They were really tough in the scoring. She will not compete level 5 until next fall I am glad she repeated 4 and had a good year.


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Mar 1, 2007
CONGRATS! 35.5 is AWESOME! I'm also glad my DD repeated L4, it was a real confidence booster for her too! The event my DD hardly ever cracked a 9 on would be beam. She has nice handstands, dismount, just never got tight & tall, LOL

I agree about the L5 work though...while bars seems to be coming easy for my DD & she does have the L5 bar routine down (not beautiful but plenty of time to work on) I am afraid that beam is still an issue. What concerns me the most is how different the FX is and how artistic you really need to be in addition to the skills now...UGH!

Not sure about your DD but in June another practice night is added which will give her about 14-15 hours. She's always been fine with the 3 times/11 hrs but this will be a bigger change for her, she does other things like dive team and teener ball.

Welcome to LEVEL 5! (and yeah for no more mill circles)


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Aug 16, 2008
That is an awesome last level 4 meet!!!:)Congrats to her!
We watched some new level 5's last night at practice...and they were picking things up surprisingly quickly! She will do great!


Yeah for a trophy! That is nice that she placed in all events.

While working on her L5, the best advice I would say to give her is while working on new skills, make sure she keeps good form. That was an issue for DD last year. She has fixed her form this year and it has made such a difference in her scores. She is at least 2 points higher AA with better form!


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Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Congrats to her on a great meet to finish up her level 4 season!! What awesome scores! Now she can say goodbye to the middle circle! :)

She has lots of time to work those level 5 skills and learn the routines. I am sure she is excited about how well she did and about moving up to level 5. Congrats to her!


Congratulations to your dd! What an excellent finish to the season for her. It sounds like repeating Level 4 was the right thing for her. Thankfully, the mill circle goes away in Level 5! I would not worry too much about Level 5 skills. She will pick them up surprisingly quickly. I had similar concerns about the floor routine, but my dd (who is 7) picked it up very quickly. For her, the vault and the connections on bars have been the biggest hurdle.

Best of luck to your dd in Level 5!

Sep 8, 2007
Great way to end her L 4 season! Great scores!My dd has got 1 more meet to go.Can't wait to say goodbye to the shoot thru.
Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
Way to go:) Congratulations for finishing level 4:) and finishing mega strong:)
Level 5 is fun:) Emily did great this year as a level 5 and remember she repeated 4 too.
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