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I'm wondering if anyone knows any good leap drills and straddle jump drills.


Club Owner / Manager
Feb 6, 2008
We just do LOTS of leg swings (laying down and standing up), and what we call hanging "split pulls" - hanging on a bar and lift legs to a split, switch split and a switch side. Also tumble track split jumps, switch sides, straddle and turning jumps.

In the past for little kids I've also done a leap landing on a raised soft mat to a split, and a drill where you hold the gymnast's back leg in a back arabesque, and they have to jump and lift their front leg by themselves, and vice versa.

Hope that all made sense. What do you guys do for leaps?


Sometimes for power our coach makes us do leaps from our knee. We also use thera bands and see how big our jumps/leaps are. Also you could use ankle weights. :)


Split jumps and straddle jumps with ankle weights is always a good one. You can also do kicks (each direction) with weights on or with a theraband.

To work on making the leap go up more you can do leaps over foam blocks.


Oct 5, 2008
New Zealand
when i used to work on leaps it was weights, we also had a leg swinging machine that we could use to help. and most of the time was on the pbars doing switch leaps and pushing each one out as far a we could go or just single leg leaps.


Nov 29, 2008
Minn eee sooo ta! :)
I could do really good split jumps, but my leaps were really bad, so my coach told me to think about doing a running split jump instead of thinking split leap. It worked and my split leaps are much better. Also, work on your splits. They help with everything. :)


New Member
Dec 21, 2008
Tamworth, Midlands, England
At our gym in the UK we do alot of jumps from crouch position on the edge of the springboard or track or mat or something similar. It reli works the legs right from the squat position and also gives a little extra high to allow the gymnast to concentrate on perfecting the shape :)


Too often kids do rocking horse split leaps. If the run steps into it are optimal and they merely focus on jumping up and doing a split jump, the momentum will carry them up and forward to give the split leap that look of "floating."
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