Leaping on the bandwagon :P what US level would I be? :)

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Oct 28, 2008
Just curious, I know I'm 'working on' a lot of stuff, most are just not quite good enough to say that I 'have' them. :cheeky:

Vault: working on Front-Handspring

Balance Beam: straddle on mount, (mount)jump to wolf turn position, free roll, back shoulder roll, full turn, jump 1/2 turn, tuck jump, 1/2 turn tuck jump, wolf jump, stride switch wolf jump, round-off dismount
Working on: split jump/leap, cartwheel

Bars: Hip pullover, back hip circle, jump to HB, 1/2 turn dismount
Working on: kip, baby giant, full turn dismount

Floor: press to handstand from straddle stand, tuck jump, wolf jump, 1/2 turn tuck jump, full turn tuck jump, 1/2 turn wolf jump, switch wolf leap, full turn cat leap, 1/2 turn, full turn, 1 1/2 turn, cartwheel, round-off, handstand
Working on: front handspring, back handspring, front tuck, back extension, back walkover, handstand 1/2 turn, split leap, stag leap, switch split leap, leap 1/4 turn into straddle jump, 1/2 turn split jump, double turn, handstand into bridge
At the moment you could compete level 3 in the USA, but you need only a few more skills for level 4 and you are working on them like the round off backhandspring on floor. So you probably would not be far off level 4.

You would need quite a few new skills still for level 5. Vault you would need to be able to do your front handspring vault, bars you would need both a glide kip (kip on low bar) and a long hang kip (kip on high bar). On beam you need your carthwheel. Floor you need round off two BHS, front handspring, dive roll, back extention roll to handstand.
I agree with Aussie Coach. You have alot of advanced dance elements on beam and floor, but need the acro skills---so L4 on those events. Bar and vault would be around L3.
Actually I would say bars and vault are more like L4, the only skill not mentioned that is in L4 is the mill circle, but based on the other skills and the skills being worked I would hazard she's at a L4 bar level anyway. L4 vault is just a front handspring drill so the L4 skill level on vaulting could be described as working front handspring but that could describe a lot of things so it would depend on how far along I guess.

Floor acro would require a BHS for level 4, but only RO for level 3. L4 BB requires a HS and the side cartwheel to HS 1/4 turn dismount. L3 BB has a HS (or 3/4 HS, however they describe it) and a side CW to HS drop down on the side you're facing).
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