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I'm looking for drills for leaps on beam at Level 4, 5, or 6.

I have tryed bands, leg drives, and just doing a lot of leaps. They are getting better but they still need a lot of work.


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Feb 5, 2006
How are the leaps on floor, it is a fear thing that the leap on beam is not getting better. Have you done leaps up to blocks or mats on the floor, we also do them starting on one knee and do leg swings up to the panel mat. I'm not sure if you are doing leg drives from your knee, we start doing these first just to a releve, then to hop landing on one leg, making sure the free leg remains horizontal. Once they have this down we go to swing to assemble. It is very important that once they move to the assemble they get the free leg to horizontal before bringing feet together. Then you can add the back kick after the assemble. Then start doing leaps from the knee.

Hopefully you can make sense to these!


Try doing leaps up over a stack of foam blocks or up onto a mat stack. Also, if the split is the problem work on kicks (all directions) with weights on and spilts galore. Good luck!


Use 2 low beams at different levels. The higher beam being about 4 or 5 inches higher.

Mark a start line on the lower of the 2 beams, and a finish line on the higher of the 2 using chalk.

The object is for the gymnast to take off at the start line, and leap lifting her leg to land up on the higher beam at the finish mark.

Have gymnast land on one foot.

I also sometimes hold a frech fry behind the gymnast in order for her to lift her back leg and try to hit the french fry, making her actual spilt even.

Hope this made sense!!!


gymturtle14 what gym in st.louis are you from? I used to go to Mid-County YMCA, and Kirkwood Y.
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