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Jun 27, 2009
I can do spotted sbhs and robhs but I keep making them too short and I can't practice them on the tumble-track because I jump straight up instead of back...I almost land on my head. On the floor I always jump back and somehow end up doing it in place (I usually land on my coach’s foot!) Should I be trying to jump back farther, or should something else entirely? Help!!!
Aug 17, 2009
It sounds like u r undercutting ur BH. just hink of jumping back, not realy anything i can teellu just practice. Yes, jump back further, but practice on the tumble trck. Wait, so if u can do it on the floor wha tis wrong?? hhaha.
Sep 19, 2008
What has always helped we is to really try to push through your feet. Try to jump off your whole feet instead of just your toes (can you feel your heels touch the floor? try to exaggerate it to feel it), and aggressively straightenm your knees too while jumping off.
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