Learning yurckenko & tsuk

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Jul 16, 2008
Upstate NY
To start off I am a new level 8 and our gym doess NOT have a pit. In competition right now i compete a half on full off but it scores really low and deffinatly doesnt place. I have asked my coach many times to work tsuks and yurchenkos but we never have, are there any good drills that we can do to just get the basics of yurchenkos and tsuks without a pit?


When I started learning Yurchenkos, I first did them onto a resi mat. I did a round-off with my hands on the ground and feet landing on the spring board. From there, I did a back handspring onto the resi mat. That would be a good start for a Yurchenko.

Do you have a tumble trak at your gym?
For tsuks into a resi mat or maybe an 8 incher [ i think resi would be much more comfortable] do a round off onto the mat. then move on to landing on your feet than falling backwards, and so on, and by the end try to just do a round off and land directly to your back. good luck!
Dec 4, 2008
for when i learned yurchenkos , i got a resi , and added like a hard mat on top of that , than a crash mat on top of that. and so i had a resi with 2 mats on it . than i ran , and did a round off and a back handspring onto the resi. it helps alot .
and by the time you get to doing it on the vault its just natural.


Nov 12, 2007

For the yurchenko, i would spend lots of time working round-off back layouts of a spring board. Focus being on taking off tall, and impacting the springboard more vertical. This is critical for a proper take off/entry into the back handspring onto the table.

Ontop of that lots of time spent spotted and not sport working on standing flics uphill, and learning when blocking to stop the feet and raise the shoulders.

Tsuks - WOrkin on endless round-off entries. Focus is on not turning from the board but rather like a good round-off on floor to turn late. WIth lots of prop to stand onto stack mats above vault height. Do not turn them to your back until you can learn to prop and stand up.

These are the as basic drills as you can get. THey are also the foundation to any good vaulting. Ontop of that if i were you i would study Cheng Fei yurchenko entry and real hard to indentify the things i am talking about (the standing up..) look at angles, speed, feet, knee positions ect.
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