Leg cut back after mill circle..

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My daughter is a 5 yr.old level 3. She does a beautiful bar routine, but she slips off the bar (most of the time) doing her leg cut back after her mill circle. Any suggestions?
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She has a meet coming up in 3 weeks. I think she could get first place if she could fix the leg cut.
Deductons on level 3 bar routine

How much will they take off if you can't do the leg cut backwards? Instead move both hands over and swing the leg down, then dismount.
as far as I know it will be viewed as "failure to perform a "cutting" action", which is substitution of an element and then deduction could be as high as 0.8 points
if she also doesn't change hand grip after the mill circle, it's another 0.1
just make sure she knows to try her best & have fun. The leg cut will come. maybe not for this meet but it will. Try not to focus on placements but trying your best. you NEVER know what can happen @ a meet. She could still come in first place, or she could come in last place. She should be congratulated regardless for getting out there & trying her best. There will be plenty of chances for first place.

She may be lacking the strength in the muscles needed for this skill or it could be timing or both. I would let the coaches worry about that & just enjoy what she has already accomplished at such a young age.
So if she tried the leg cut back and slip to the floor and had to pull back over...how much would the deduction be? Just trying to figure out if it would be best for her to go for it or play it safe.
So if she tried the leg cut back and slip to the floor and had to pull back over...how much would the deduction be? Just trying to figure out if it would be best for her to go for it or play it safe.

Just a question...are you her coach as well? At level 3, she should definitely go for it because what would the point be of "playing it safe" in Level 3 (which as I understand it is a preteam level)? I would think you'd want to do what you could and see how it goes, no matter how it goes....
She is L3 just let her have fun and learn to enjoy competing, the good and bad included. If you get caught up in the what could be's and try to verbally coach her, you will knock all the fun out of gymnastics for her.
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the deduction actually could be similar - 0.5 for the fall plus 0.2-0.3 for mistakes on the skill, but personally I would encourage her to still try it, if she wants to win she should develop "go for it" mentality, compulsory levels are all about required elements you don't want her to get used to avoiding any of them, even the ones she will never use in the future:)
I agree with the other posters. After level 4, that skill will never come up again (that will be the case for my DD in about a month :D and she definitely won't miss it, lol!). Hope your daughter enjoys her first experience at competing!
Parents really should not be involved in the coaching decisions. This confuses the kids and bugs off the coaches.
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I have no idea what the deductions would be. I'm a new Level 3 mom as well. :) I was recently in a similar mindset with my DD's handstand on beam. She still needs a spot on high beam to do her handstand. I asked the coach if it's worth it for her to do it and get spotted or do it and fall off. We both agreed that she's in gym to learn and progress. So she needs to learn how to do the handstand correctly. She will be spotted for safety and we'll take the deduction. I'd rather her be trying to progress than not do a skill because I'm worried about her score. Level 3 is not needed for anything. It's a chance for the little ones and beginners to practice how to perform at meets- just my opinion.
I feel like a few of you are being a little harsh on me, the mom...I really was hoping for some suggestions, like.. is she leaning to far forward or to far back, or moving her hand to fast or to slow........ honestly, what parent doesn't want their child to win. There is nothing wrong with that. Isn't that why they compete? My daughter loves gymnastics and does have fun and also has a mind of her own. I just like to give her suggestions that might help her.
The problem with you suggesting fixes to her is that it can make the learning process even longer. Every coach has their own way of teaching, and fixing skills, when parents try to verbally coach from home it can really cause huge problems. Can you imagine when your little one goes to gym and tries out what you tell her, the coach says "what are you doing that for?", dd says "my mom told me to do it like this.". The coach is just not going to be happy, even if you just want to help.

I totally get the urge to "help", but in the long run it may make it harder to learn the skill if you keep giving her tips.

There are so many skills in gymnastics that trip a gymmie up along the way. The first big, important one is really the kip. Before that the most important thing is that your dd learns strong basic skills, trusts her coach and is able to know that gym is her sport and not mom's sport. This may seem harsh, but having been here for a long time I have seen what parents coaching can do to kids. I know you mean well, but seriously letting her have fun right now will be way more productive than giving her tips in the long run.

This isn't personal, or about you, it is just about coaching.
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Here's a story for you that is very relevant to this thread. I had a mom ask me how to spot the mill turn. Assuming she had been at the open gym the previous night, I said next time, just ask one of the coaches on duty for help. Her reply was, "No, this is so I can spot her on her new bar she got for Christmas. I keep dropping her on the floor :eek:" Well during class this student then tells the coach that mom told her not to switch her grip around! Double :eek:. Probably why the kid was falling off the bar at home, since she's never done that at gym. We are now working on a fear issue with the mill turn :rolleyes:
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