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Ok, need some input on this, but will also be talking with the coach either tomorrow or Tues. My gymie had her 1st meet on Sat. Their leos are made by the G manufacturer. The body of the leo is metallic blue with blue velvet long sleeves. I saw all the girls huddled around my gymie while they were waiting to warm up vault(last rotation) and looking at her leo and then their own. This leo has been worn 2x(mock meet/yesterday) and never washed. I asked about the group inspection of the leo when we got home and she showed me areas on both sides of the leo that are now silver----the blue looks like it was worn off. The areas are the same on both sides and rather noticeable when she has her arms down. It is not right under the arms----slightly forward of where the seam is. Easily an area where her arms would rub the leo when doing bars, tumbling etc. She said the coach said to wash it, but I know with these leo manufacturers, once its washed, they usually claim the parent washed it incorrectly and will never replace it. To me, it looks like a poor dye job. I really don't want to end up buying another leo, since I heard this is the last year for this color/style.

Anyone ever heard or had this happen?
awww, the leo problems... I am not sure if it is a dye prob or not, but I can say that this has happened to at least 2 of our leos from that same co. All of the hologram metallic & foil type are listed as EXTREME delicates (can't recall the exact wording) that may do this in their catalogs. I would still call the company and say something... surely they would have to do something since they are so darn expensive. I never called, because I thought I must have done something wrong, but I have seen this happen to so many others as well with the same types of their fabric....
I think I would call the company tomorrow and see what they have to say. I would also take pictures of the leo before washing it. I would hope that they would send you a new one. Good luck.
This happened to many of the girls last year with our metallic coloring in our leos. They turned from the deep burgandy to silverish too. A few moms called the company and they said it was their problem that they must have washed it wrong. I decided not to wash Emily's leo at all last year because of this bad issue. I just freshened it up a bit in the privatey area. Anyway, this year since we were repeating level 4, I washed it and now... guess what... I followed the manufacturer instructions to a tee with woollite on gentle cycle and cold water and well... My deep burgandy metallic is now got silvery spots all over it. Considering this leo was 90 dollars, I seriously am not happy with the quality and probably won't be able to sell it next year to new incoming level 4s.
I seriously think that the metallic fabric is awful for the competition leos from GK.
we had a team in our area that the whole team had issues with the dark metallic wearing too quickly. GK replaced all of them. Call them ASAP and don't wash it. I am pretty sure they will help you out!
Hope it all works out!
Well, the gym won't help me. One of the co-owners told me they have other leos that have done the same thing and they haven't complained. Gee---why not? She said they come with a disclaimer about slight differences in color. Told her that meant 1 or 2 might be slightly darker or lighter than the others, it didn't mean they changed color! Ok, that didn't help. She told me it would take 16 wks to get a new one since these are special order and this is GKs busy season, but if I REALLY wanted a new one, she would order it for me. This is the last year for this leo, so I told her I wasn't going to fork out $105 for a meet leo that would never be worn. I don't believe the 16 week wait either.

So, I'll see if I can get anywhere with the manufacturer on my own.
Just an update on the leo. I emailed the manufacturer and was told to send it to them and given a customer rep's name/phone etc. At the same time they called the gym since thats who the account is with. The co-owner that talked with me, did tell the manufacturer that she had seen the leo and indeed it was a new one and she confirmed the blue had worn off in several places. The customer rep called me once she had the leo and said it was "being evaluated" and she would contact the gym with their decision. Told her I needed A leo(either new or this one) by 2/4 as gymie has a meet on 2/8.

The original leo(with the silver spots) was sent back to the gym with a note that a new one will be made for my daughter as there was a defect with this one. Don't know when we'll get the new one, but at least they acknowledged the problem and will fix it. Got the leo home and was looking at it and saw that 1 seam in the shoulder is starting to come undone---it may hold together for another meet, but if no new leo has appeared by then, will have to get someone with a sewing machine to reinforce it.
I am glad we do'nt have to deal with these kind of things. With us the club owns the meet leo's and get them handed out at the training before the meet. And give it back straightaway and she washes them all together. It doesn't cost us anything.

Hope you get the new leo soon.
Some of our optional girls had problems with their leos, but theirs is from dreamlight not gk. With these leos though, the coach said it was from wearing deodorant or perfume with the leos. He told the girls not to wear deodorant! Alot of the optional girls are older and need to wear deodorant, but if they don't want to ruin their leos, they don't wear deodorant to the competition.
I am so glad that GK is going to take care of the problem. A shame you are having such a quality problem. I know with all of our hologram leo's I launder the wrong side out to help protect them. They should take much more wear than what that one did.
I was told by some upper level moms not to wash dd's leo until meet season was over. Things happen with the dye lots in the materials and they fade in different places. So, I just rinse out the crotch area and all's well. Hope you get your new leo soon!
most of the leo manufacturers use the same source for getting materials. Last year there was a problem with almost every leotard using the metallic shimmer materials. I know both GK and Alpha Factor are replacing them at no cost to the buyers.
I was not going to wash my dd leo but justspot clean it.Then my dd spilled milk down the fron on the way to the meet. Luckily it cleaned up nice.
At our meet this weekend, one of our new 6/7s(in her 1st meet) had the blue rub off in the same area as my daughter. Told her mom that the manufacturer was going to replace my daughter's leo and she needed to let the gym know.
I'm glad GK is replacing it. We had a new team last year and ordered competition leos & warmups through them. Had a terrible time getting them to replace anything (for the most part, they refused even when sizes were WAY off). So when the coach opened her own gym and we all followed her and needed to outfit an entire team again, we didn't even consider them. We went with Satara... the leos turned out great and the customer service has been amazing.

See we had bigtime issues with GK last year and our new leos too. I just decided not to wash her competition leo at all last year. Many parents called and complained to them and they just said too bad... must have been your fault... You didn't follow our instruction or blamed them that they got hairspray on it even if they didn't even use hairspray.
Now our leo is over a year old and I have been washing it this year since Emily will be a level 5 next year and level 5s have a different leo.
However, I noticed our level 5 team leos(brand new this year) they are pilling. I mean come on. The GK practice leos that I wash millions of times just throwing them in the wash with everything else and really nothing happens to them except losing jewels and they only cost a fraction of the price. But team leos just wash terribly and end up falling apart, pilling and losing colors. That is not a good way to run a business when your product is terrible.
Well, I'll give some credit to GK. They did come through and last week a new leo arrived at the gym---even sent FedEx. The owner that deals with them said she was surprised when the leo came because she had gotten 2 phone calls AFTER they sent the original leo back with a note saying it would be replaced that they were not going to make my gymmie a new one. Anyway, now she said any problems she has with GK, she's just going to turn me loose on them:)

So, my gymmie has a nice new leo that will see 3 more meets and then be retired. Optional girls will get a new design next year.
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