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Proud Parent
Feb 9, 2020
My youngest DD struggles with eczema. We are having a hard time keeping it under control and there is a direct correlation with her increasing her gym hours and having her eczema get worse. Our doctor seems to think that it is related to her being in leotards more frequently and the spandex Leo’s are irritating her skin. What leotards/brands do you recommend that are more of a butter soft cotton material? We currently have 1 that is GK brand and more of a soft material. My older kids wear plum and GK and she wears their hand me downs, so that is all we know.


Proud Parent
May 11, 2020
Gym gear and salute are both more a t shirt material than a spandex material, def more breathable - especially if you buy older gymgear styles. The newer ones with open back styles are a slightly thinner slicker fabric, not much difference but still different to very sensitive skin
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Proud Parent
Oct 10, 2013
Sydney Australia
Definitely agree with gym gear, although I also agree that their newer ones don’t quite have the same comfy/snuggly feel to them. They are a little slicker (while still being a lot nicer than any of the other brands we have, including Destira, which are the next softest we’ve tried).

Did they change fabric entirely? Because the newest leo we have here isn’t open back but it’s definitely different to all the others.


Proud Parent
Feb 9, 2020
Have you considered that chalk might play a role too? It’s very drying and that can really exacerbate eczema.
Yes, we know that probably is a contributing factor. Her problem areas have always been her joint areas (wrists, elbows, knees, ankles), but lately it’s those areas plus her entire torso, front and back so they think that specific area is from the Leo’s.


Proud Parent
Sep 17, 2012
Might it be worth trying some of the cotton dance leos. They are lovely and soft and come in a variety of styles and nice colours. Not sparkly I know but still pretty. Tend to be cheaper than gym leos too.


Proud Parent
Feb 19, 2019
I recommend asking if your DD is allowed to wear a tank/shorts. That way it's not skin tight.
I like this suggestion best, but if you want to go the cotton leotard route, my daughter wears the most basic Capezio leotards for dance and they are a cotton knit slightly thicker than a t-shirt. I think the seams are more raised than leotard seams, so that could cause irritation.

Would carrying around a clean, small towel with her water bottle during practice make it easier to pat her skin dry at her elbow folds and other exposed places where sweat accumulation might be triggering eczema?
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Mar 24, 2022
GymGear these leos are from Canada but they are that butter soft material the softest ones I have found. They are like $40 ish US and shipping isnt bad either. They are my DD favorite. they stretch nicely grows in my opinion
Definitely Gym Gear! Black Friday they typically have a BOGO 50% off.

WV Gym Mom

Proud Parent
Mar 7, 2022
My daughter is the same. The simple designs and very soft seams/edging on handmade FLIPFLOP leos make them the only leos she will wear. As a bonus, they are really inexpensive, have many sales, and have free fast shipping in the US. The sizing is different - my daughter would be a large in GK and wears an 8 in FLIPFLOP
Apr 26, 2022
I haven’t worn them but I’ve seen people wearing flip flop leos and they look like cotton. I would also recommend having her change in the gym bathroom instead of at home. Especially after, sweat on your clothes can be irritating.
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