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Mar 14, 2009
I was wondering if you all have found a great deal of differences in leo sizeing with your girls. Hallie is only 4 foot 3 inches and 69lbs at 9 years old and we are buying adult smalls even though adult extra small fits perfect. A few of the velvet in child large fit nice but I like to buy them a bit big to get the most use out of them. So how about you? Does your child seem to wear much larger leotards then their clothes? Hallie is a perfect size 7 in girls! So strange with the size thing to me! :rolleyes:
Mar 5, 2008
North America
Yes-the leotard sizing can be a bit weird. My dd is 10 yrs old and almost 4ft 6in and weighs about 63lbs. She has long skinny legs and arms but has somewhat of a broader chest (compared to the non-existent butt!!) so she wears the child large leos. She still wears size 7 pants but can go bigger in the shirts. I had to measure dd's girth to get her true leo size because it IS NOT comparable to children's street clothes sizing.


I think it depends on the leo brand. GK seems to run very small, but is also very variable. My 7 yo dd wears anything from a CS to CM in GK, but in Dreamlight she is still solidly in size 4-6. Other brands, she's either a CXS or CS but again it totally depends on the brand.

Jul 26, 2008
It can also depend on the fabrics of the leos. Velvets tend to be more forgiving than the holograms; mystiques also allow for a fair big more stretch than some others.

Back styles can also change the fit of a leo, as can cutouts or anything like that. Both of my girls prefer the racerback style and that is what I see the most of at our gym; feedback I get is that the racerback allows more movement through the shoulders and is less restricting than a tank style.

My oldest (8) is in a CL (GK) for her team leo, although I think a CM would fit her better. Drives me crazy at meets though because I see every single kid out there picking them out of their butts - not something that happens when they are wearing one of mine! ;)
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