Leotard sizing?

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Jul 23, 2009
I know there is a thread that is sort of about this but I want to ask a specific question about GK and Alpha leotards. I want to buy both brands of leotards online but I don't know what size to get. If anybody is willing to share how tall, old, and/or any other info and then what size you get, that would help me get an idea of what size to order. :)
DD is 48" with a very long torso so might be like most girls who are a bit taller. She weighs about 52 pounds. She has pretty much outgrown the GK CS, like, she can get it on but might bust it out. So, child medium.
DD is 5'3" and is a normal build,and she wears a AS in GK if the suit is lycra, AM if it is metallic. The Adidas metallice suits seem to run small, so order a size up.
I am about 5'7" and form snowflakes i fit an adult medium, gk, it was a little tight, but i havnt worn it or strecthed it out yet, but i t would prob be fine. Neon lycra stuff
My DD is 5'3" and is solid muscle. We just had to order her an AL in alpha factor due to their funky shape.... the people were rather snotty on the phone and our gym will probably not deal with them again in the future. We weren't the only one who had problems when those leos came in. In GK DD is AM and same with Snowflake.
I'm 5'5 pretty solidly built but with a long torso so I prefer the axl in both b/c the have that little extra room but can easily do al
If you go to the websites of those manufacturers you can find sizing charts with all the measurements. that would be the most accurate way to determine your fit. AF does run a bit larger than GK however keep in mind.
We actually have found that AF runs smaller than GK.... even when DD fit perfectly within their AM size chart... It's the first time our gym has ordered from AF and most of the girls have had problems w/their leos being too small (even using their sizing chart).
yes i agree i have an AF leo that is the same size as my gk leo and it runs smaller :) i found in my leo it is very long but thin :/
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