Leotard Stores/Open Gym in Chicago, IL????

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Aug 23, 2010
so i'm going to Chicago for a few days this summer, and since I live in Canada, there are basically no leo stores here. does ANYONE know if there are any leo stores in downtown Chicago, IL that sell gymnastic leotards, not just dance ones? because i have enough dance leos... but i have no gym leos.... PLEASE!!! ANYONE OUT THERE THAT GOES THERE? OR KNOWS OF ONE? can you PLEASE tell me? and does anyone know where there is open gym downtown Chicago???? we don't have open gym in Canada, and I've always wanted to go to one!!! HELP!!!

I can tell you right now that unless other parts of the US have this and no where I've been, there are 'leotard stores' in the US either.
I would suggest googling Chicago Gymnastics Gyms and see if any of them have 'pro-shops' or little shops connected that sell leotards.
Thats the only thing I could think of.
Here are a few - IGI being one of the biggest I'm thinking. Their website says that they have a pro shop, they are located about 35min from the Magnificient Mile (Michigan Ave) or Navy Pier area. The Lakshore academy is only about 9 min from that same area (Mag. mile), but not sure if they have a pro shop?

Hope that you find some great leos! Too bad you won't be there THIS weekend. The Cover Girl Classic is going on - get to watch some great Elite gymnastics AND there will most probably be leo vendors there :)

Illinois Gymnastics Institute / IGI
145 Plaza Dr.
Westmont, IL 60559
Illinois Gymnastics Institute
(630) 325-3333 phone

Lake Shore Academy of Art Gymnastics
937 West Chestnut
Chicago, IL 60642
Chicago Gymnastics Classes and Programs, Climbing Wall - Lakeshore Academy of Artistic Gymnastics in Chicago, IL
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