For Parents Leotards and Undies showing???

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Feb 10, 2007
my girls are starting to become worried about ther undies showing (not that Im complaining) they go back and forth if they wear undies or not under there leotards!!

what do your kids or you do?? they are not sure!! Is it normal to not wear any???

they just got a bunfh of new Nice leos off of Craigslist!! (Good place to sell and buy from!!)
At the trainings it doesn't really matter if hte girls have undies on, it is up to themselves. My dd usually doesn't wear any, is more comfortable and since they aren't allowed to wear undies at competitions, it doesn't feel any different. Maybe there will be a time, when she will be wanting to wear them, but not yet.
Most of the girls don't wear undies. It has taken some time for my daughter to get used to that idea but she is starting not to wear them. She has some leotards that always wind up showing the undies and others that don't. I think I'd suggest that they just not wear them.

Thanks for the tip on craigslist. I will have to check that out.

My dd tries everyday to avoid undies, because she is the only one in her class that wears them... I guess I am still funny about not having the cotton protection. It just seems too long to go without so I buy her bikini panties to wear under her leotards - which her father absolutely hates LOL:p.
Its very normal for the girls not to wear any, as they get older they may get more self conscious about it and then you can look into briefs. You can buy nude or many other color briefs to match leotards. They help to keep leotards in place as well.
Speaking of undies... I guess actually wearing them for comp is not the smartest of ideas:confused: I was watching video of Shawn Johnson's final floor routine at the Pan Am games, and it looked like her panties showed a little almost the whole time:ashamed:... poor girl
Really? You wouldn't think that would happen with those girls, since they know better. Dd's trainer always advices not to wear, especially during competitions.
I never wore undies as a little girl, but as I got older I started wearing them. We always wore them during competitions, but we had special undies to wear under our competition leos. Our competition undies either matched the material and color of our leo, or they were nude colored. Wearing undies is just kinda one of those things that takes a while to get used to.
indies or no undies that is the ??

When my DD was little is was difficult to get undies that didn't bunch up at the sides and show. However my DD tried going commando and she just wasn't comfortable. She has alway wore undies under all her leos. We usually have a special comp pair only used during competitions and they always are the same color as her leo. Think of this you don't like your kids sharing a comb but you will let them wear a leo someone has worn without undies? Call me a lil crazy but the thought of that creeps me out!!!!!:rolleyes:
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purpleterah;7757 Think of this you don't like your kids sharing a comb but you will let them wear a leo someone has worn without undies? Call me a lil crazy but the thought of that creeps me out!!!!!:rolleyes:[/QUOTE said:
I agree that is why I'm a little leery of buying leos on Craigs List and Ebay, I know they are washed but would you buy a used bathing suit!

Nude colored briefs are the best investment for under the leo at any age.
where can you get nude colored briefs for 5 and 7 yr olds???

you can find them anywhere you can buy gymnastic & dance wear really. GK, dancewear solutions, prob any local dance store will sell them, but for between $7 & $15 a pair, we just settle for bikini undies from limited too - which are impossible to see under the leo & recently we purchased the bikini undies from target which are very comfy and work great as well...
I got the nude and red undies that are made for under leos and they are comfortable and they don't show through your leo. A lot of girls don't wear undies under leos and I don't think it's a big deal. Some of my friends are uncomfortable just wearing their leo so they wear shorts over their leo so it really doesn't matter if their undies show or not.
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