For Parents Leotards do they run small?

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Hey, sorry I have posted a lot in the past few days. But I was going to try to buy DD some leos off ebay.

But i saw the GK ones at the gym and looked at the sizes and they seemed to run really small.

She can wear a small (the target ones). But there would have been no way she could have gotten the gk small on.

Do they typically run small. Any brands to stay away from, ect.

Thanks for all the help.

gym monkeys mom

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Oct 3, 2007
GK usually run true to size they always look small but, are made of really stretchy durable lyrac. One particular fabric of GK does run small and I'm sorry I can''t remember its name but it resembles leather sort of. GK has sizing measurements on their web site also. They will give you compitition fit and work out fit go for work out comp fit is tight. Hope this helps.
Mar 5, 2008
North America
From my experience I have learned that you really do have to do the measurements to size her. I think the most important measurement is the torso one. There are some sizing charts that you can refer to on the different leo websites. My 9 yr old daughter is small for her age (wears size 6x/7 pants and 7/8 tops, but wears the child 9/10 in the K-Bee leos and a child medium or large in the GK leos. So from my experience they do run small. And every brand is bit different in sizing so a you can't really generalize across different brands.
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Feb 4, 2008
Region IV
Yes and no. If you want them to fit like street clothes or with a little breathing room, then yes, they run small. If you buy them to fit like they were designed to (like a second skin), then no, they don't run small. I really had to laugh when a level 5 bought some of dd1's old leos to wear. (Dd1 is 15; the level 5 might be 9 or 10.) That kid will be able to wear those things forever!

Alpha Factor runs larger than GK. Satara has a whole bunch of sizes (child extra large, junior small, junior medium, adult small, etc.), so who knows. Fortunately, every major manufacturer has a website with a size chart. The torso measurement is the most important.

Our strategy was to find brands that we liked and stick with that brand. Then, I know that dd2 wore a CL in AF, an AXS in GK, and a Junior small in Satara. I could shop on ebay for those sizes.
Oct 27, 2007
Kay Bee Leotards run larger than GK leos. XS in GK is like 11-12 in Kay Bee. Best to measure the leo shoulder to crotch and know what fits DD well when buying used leos. I always used GK elite as the standard and sized from there.
May 26, 2008
I've actually found AF to run smaller than GK. My DD wear toddler in GK and the CXS are too long in the torso and baggy in the rear end, but she can wear AF CXS just fine. Maybe it's just the particular leotards that she has.


I've found every brand fits differently so you really have to go by the measurements on the websites. For a while GK just didn't fit my dd properly and now they fit her really well and others that fit great don't. You will probably find yourself preferring different brands as her body changes (which might be one of the reasons we all have so many darn leos).


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Mar 7, 2008
Region 7
I really think it is the torso measurements that are most important, not what size they wear in street clothes. My oldest DD has been wearing GK size CL since she was 7. She is now 11 and 'just" needing to go up a size. Most of her CL still fit. During this time, she has gone up in street clothes from 8 to 12 and probably has grown 6 inches.
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