For Parents Less then shiney 1st 2009 meet results.

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Seems like the winter break too zapped the 'spring' out of some of our teams athletes. Scores were fairly good, consistant, but a good .30 off the fall average. Nastia said for some reason everyone was nervous about something, but nobody knows what.

Nastia results:
VT: 8.9
FL: 8.8
UB: 8.9
BB: 8.1
AA: 34.7 (6th)

We are still in shock about the BB score. She's never scored so low - ever. In fact, 2 meets previous she scored an 8.9, and that's after falling off the beam. This isn't her best performance by far, but the score wasnt at all (including the coach) what we expected. I have a question and video about it posted upstairs in the Q&A section. Maybe someone can tell us what the major deductions are, because frankly, we only see minor ones.

At then end of the day, the team won 1st place AA, we went out to eat and just chalked it up to tough day. There will be many more to come, without a doubt. DD knows that all we care about is her doing her best. She said she did, and we believe her. The BB score just knocked the wind out of her. I'm just glad it was the last event for her today.
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Wow winning team first place is awesome, and as I always tell the girls at gym it is the best reward of all, everyone working to gether for the team.

Pretty good scores, going back after the break is always tough. I am always happy with the scores if they are globally the same and people are tending to place where they usually do, even if the scores are a little higher or lower/

Judged sports are always going to produced odd scores once in a while. The coach and I are still scratching our heads about my DD's bar score from her last meet. COaches can query it, but if the judge says it's correct, then that is the final word.
Congrats to your DD & her team!!!! Team 1st AA & DD 6th!! Time to celebrate & tell the girls they did great & keep up the hard work. Don't worry too much about scores....especially at any one particular meet. Some meets we parents( DD & DD's coaches)just sit there scratching our heads trying to see where the deductions came from:confused:. But in the end, you just have to say "Whatever..." and keeping moving. Don't put too much time into thinking about it or over analyazing it. A quote you will hear a lot...."It is what it is". And this time it is...1st AA team & 6th AA, celebrate the positives.:D
I haven't watched the video or anything, but my question about beam would be were all the scores for beam fairly low. Sometimes, we have a tendency to compare scores with past meets, but if her scores were consistent with the rest of the girls that day, then it is what it is.

She'll get 'em next time! Honestly, she still great considering and her team sounds like it had an awesome meet, so good for all of them!!
No, and that's what really got to us. We saw others that scored higher, and they even had a fall off the beam. The judges were tougher on all events this go-around, but the HC said that this is to be expected.

I agree about team score being the biggie. Winning that helped ease the blow of a tough day.

Like you is what it is. To me it's part of what underscores how difficult the sport truely is. I think it'll take a day or so, but knowing Nastia, she'll hope she has the same judge in February and come back with an "I'll show her!" attitude. :)

Getting awesome feedback in the Q&A section. All of which i'm sure her coach has already pointed out 10 zillions times.
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I watched the video and she looked good. No major problems. They must have found almost 2 points of little form issues. Which is hard to believe becuase the routine is so short at level 3.

I guess you will just have to chalk it up as a weird result and move on the next meet.
Congrats to your dd! I think she did really good considering it was her first meet after winter break. Her scores are all really high 8's - that GREAT!

As far as the beam score, we had the same thing happen to my dd at states. She finally nails her mill score and the rest of her routine was solid yet she received an 8.075 and all season without her mill circle was receiving 8.3's - 8.5's. I was uner the impression that if she just nailed her mill circle she would have a 9 easily on bars. Well what a surprise!!!

DD's coach also questioned judge but it didn't really solve anything. This weekend dd had her last L3 comp and received a 9.25 on bars. Go Figure!

Like another poster said: "it is what it is". It is definately a very difficult sport and I just focus on the positive and told dd how proud of her I was for nailing her pin wheel....What else can I say. I can't make sense of it how can a five year old. I haven't seen the video yet. I am going to watch it now.
Looks like DD had a good meet I know it wasnt maybe the beam score she wanted, but it sounds like she took victory over knowing she did her best! Congrats to the Team 1st and the 6th AA!

She is well on her way to a fantastic L4 year!!
Looks like she had a great meet overall! 1st place team is awesome!!!and 6th AA if great!! Congrats!!I understand about beam scores....we have had a few of those meets. It so frustrating!!
Yeah, Winter break is difficult. For us (L4) our season is ending and trying to squeeze those pratice times in while the kids are on break and doing holiday/family things is tough. We did not make it into NYC to see the tree this year, just ran out of time.

I think your DD did great. Try not to worry so much about the scores, it sounds like as a team they did GREAT to be first. Sometimes the judging doesn't go as you think. I have been going to meets for 2 years now and still can't figure it out. I do know what the day will be like though when I recognize certain judges and you will also start to know whcih meets are scored better than other because of location. Example was my DD's meet in NY. We all know our scores will be at least a point higher there and it's a great confidence boast after some of our lower ones done at the college. Sometimes you think the score is low and then come to find out it was low for everyone that day when awards go out. Like at states this past weekend vaults were high 9.875s and our one girl who got a 9.350 came in 30th! Meanwhile beam judge was low and those places started at more of a 9.5ish and went down.

I know last year my main focus was not about the scores (and DD didn't understand then yet) except the pressure of getting a 30 to go to sectionals and then getting the 32 to go to states, but more of trying to better herself. We wanted to see her happy at what she was doing, getting more comfortable with meets and the crowds watching her (that was hard), and getting comfortable with the routines. You like to see that they improve at each meet. She's got all 8's now, it won't be long before they are all 9's and you'll be off to level 4!
Congrats to Nastia! It might not have been the scores that were expected but she still did great .Sometimes you get judges that are more pickier then others,the scoring will make you crazy if you try to understand them.From day 1 our coaches have told the parents to not to figure out the scores because we will never get it.
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