For Parents Let her retire mid season?

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So.... we revised our plan. We agreed she'd finish the USAG season which will end in April. Only the top 20% go to regionals and I highly doubt she'll go to that but she said she would if she made it (adds another week). Meanwhile, she still doesn't want to go to practice :-/ I know it's her being a kid.... she can't go to meets without going to practice, it's just that simple. This has been hard to parent.
It sounds like you are handling this really well. Also, yes, she can’t go to meets without going to practice, if she refuses to go to practice then she can stop now but she wouldnot get to end with a meet which she said she wants.
I'm still not sure about talking the the coaches. There's one in particular who sometimes doesn't seem too mature (though she's older than me) and I worry she'll make snarky comments making it even worse. I would like her to follow through for at least the USAG season (3 more weeks).

That is sad, unfortunately there seems to be a disproportionate amount of childish adults involved with gymnastics.
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