Lets get ready to Tumble !

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I'm with you Margo - I feel I'll need to watch through my fingers and am bracing myself...

I'm just not sure how it can be good... If they are rubbish (because gymnastics is hard) then it will be rubbish to watch. If they make them look good, then by definition gymnastics must be something you can throw after a few weeks training. Neither of those outcomes would be good o_O

I'm imagining Splash, only worse :eek: but hoping for something much better because of the caliber of people involved.

I noticed that most of the coaches are from an acro or circus background.

Really don't know what to expect!
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They were bigging it up big style at gymfusion the other week, lets just say the jury is out. Splash makes my hackles rise up - I suppose as I used to dive as well, but the smalls like it.
Think its going to be cringy ! Be interesting to see what the skills will be

And also how much improvement in a week assuming its a weekly show.

Will no doubt be tuning in though...
Splash is bearable as they can all at least do it- throw themselves off a diving board. Even if they're elderly, unflexible, and with no basic co-ordination.

Tumble I am dreading as if you really don't have any basic ability, it's just going to be like watching your dad dance at a wedding. Just cringy and not interesting.
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Flossyduck, what you said is pretty much word-for-word a rant I had the other day. Except the bit about the coaches; I hadn't noticed that.

There is no doubt we will be watching it, though.
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well looking at it there are no Jo Brand types, they are all pretty fit & sporty. Even Mr Motivator, who is 61, is uber fit and I think used to do competitivee aerobics . Looking at some of the adult classes starting with fit adults, 1:1 coaching and only training 1 event they should be okay
Dd can't wait to watch it, does anyone know when it starts?
I have a horrible feeling she will sit there taking deductions for feet, legs etc and find the scores not a patch on real gymnastic scoring and say it is all wrong!
Didn't splash encourage more people to try diving?
If more children can be encouraged to have a weekly sporting hobby instead of sitting in front of a tablet - I'm all for it.
I think Sarah Harding might be ok as she's got a big dance background (hadn't she done ballet for years before Girls aloud?) and Mr Motivator should have a lot of strength that might help.
All the gyms in my area are full to capacity with waiting lists not sure where all these budding gymnasts will go.
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All the gyms in my area are full to capacity with waiting lists not sure where all these budding gymnasts will go.

Ours too. Most have at least 2 year waiting lists for rec. And most clubs won't take kids into squad unless they've done gym already (rec at their own club, or squad elsewhere) or are an under 8 phenom. .
Our gym is full with waiting lists, depends on day or flexibility but can be over a year before a space comes up, usually 3 or 4 sessions per day with around 40-50 gymnasts per rec session
Same here actually. Think our gym has 200+ on the rec waiting list.
But I don't know how similar disciplines fair - like there is definitely space at the 2 cheerleading teams for rec.
I think for me - sport on TV to entertain the family is a good thing.
We are currently a 2 gym family. One gym was full but no waiting list until recently, but lots of changes have seen some gymnasts move on and extra sessions have been added so we now have spaces.

Gym two is larger and has a competitive team going to much higher levels for both boys and girls. The girls waiting list is huge (but DD was able to transfer as she is at squad level) and I have put DS(age 6) on the boys waiting list tonight and there is a real chance he can start in September.

We are intrigued to see what Tumble is like. I think that it will boil down to the natural level of fear that people have and how they deal with that. But yes, we will all probably sit there pointing out deductions - sorry!
I'm sure whatever the outcome of this show our little gymies will be shouting at the screen scrutinising every move !!
Just hope it highlights exactly how much hard work and commitment is needed in this sport !!
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