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May 21, 2008
I thought it would be interesting to play a little game. GUESS THE SCORE OF THIS FLOOR ROUTINE!! We are all experts by now, I thought it would be fun.

I will post all her events once I make a montage, but this should be interesting.

Just watch the video and post your comments and your guess of what her score was.

YouTube - Emma's Level 6 Floor Gymnastics
Wild Guess.... 9.7? (Then, It's fairly well known that I'm an expert at being take it for what it is.)

That was FLIPPING AWESOME though!! Had to watch twice. Can't wait for the montage.
I am going for 9.3, very nice, a few legs apart on tumbling butotherwise nice. But then I am no judge and your routines are not scored like ours in Quebec.
As I found out at dd's meet this weekend, it really depends on the judge!! The floor judge at our meet was definitely scoring higher to the girls that had perfect back hand springs. So, saying what the score was on this routine is tough because she had awsome tumbling but needs to work on straighter legs, better form on some things. I'm going to say an 8.95.
9.1 ish - maybe lower if it was a picky meet. Very good anyway, she must be pleased with that routine.
I'm guessing the scoring was tough - so going on that assumption I'm going to say 8.75. Personally I thought it was beautiful - but I know last year I saw my dd do some unbelievable floor routines at level 6 and was totally confused when she would get an 8.6 or something.
Oh the joys of level6, being that you are posting it for comments, I'm going to say 8.95, I think it definately deserved at least a 9.2. But thats just me counting deductions and I'm always wrong.
when do we get to know? I keep checking back? what a cool game - can we do it more?
Well ......drum roll please....... 8.55. :confused:

I don't see all the deductions, so I thought I would check with my fellow experts.

By the way, my dd loves each and every one of you. Especially Tim_Dad with his 9.7!!!!

There was a girl on dd team that got a 9.05 and girls on other teams that got well in the 9's. I just don't get it and find the subjectivity of gymnastics frustrating. I asked DD coaches what she did wrong and they did not know. I know there are deductions, but I guess all the little things added up to a big number (even though I don't get it) like Nastia's l3 routine.

If you see specific deductions, let me know what they are. I may just have my parent blinders on.
Even at the extemely picky level, that is low! I have seen the shock on my own DD's face when she knew she'd been lowballed, not nice at all. Hopefully this is a one off.
OMG!! 8.55?? She was robbed!! CLEARLY a deep seated conspiracy loomed at the judges table. :faint:

I can see myself yellin... "yo judge...I gotchyur 8.55....right here." (and no I wouldn't actually do that, but it's fun to think how it would look if I did). :p

That was a great floor routine. It flowed, it was fun to watch, tumble passes looked good and well connected. But like I said... I have little clue what's technically good or what's required. Especially when it comes to higher levels.

Well ...score tell your DD she's won herself a bona fide FAN!
That was very harsh - In my little book there are 3 pages of deductions for l6 floor. I notice there is a 0.6 deduction for the handspring to 1 having no repulsion (being a front walkover instead) I wonder if she got hit with that. To be fair she didn't block off the first handspring at all BUT I have seen that lots of times in L6 videos. Perhaps the judges had a thing for it. Or something else who knows. I thought it would score more. She is a star anyway!
it's a very pretty routine, I think the judges kind of "tenth-ed" her to death. Ok, I am just a grandma of a level 6 gymnast, NOT a coach or a judge but this is what I see as deductions: off balance as she turns the 1/2 turn at beginning of routine (look at left ankle kind of roll), after the standing BHS it is supposed to be a "step, ball change" before beginning the run into the front tuck, the corner turning running steps are not correct (our whole level 6 team is still working on this), rushed the weight transfer before the back extension roll - 1st part of it was clean & crisp, last part rushed, didn't "lever" out of back extension roll, sloppy out of full turn.

Her leaps are gorgeous as are her splits! Tumbling passes looked good. I think the judges were just taking any "tenth" they could.
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