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My Dd Gym Is The Host Of The Great West Gymfest And It Is Really Fun.she Competed There For The Last Two Years And Will Compete There Again In February.either Level7 Or 8.good Luck
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My dd gym is the host for The Great West gymfest.It is really fun.She competed there for the last two years and will compete again in February.Good luck.
My daughter was an L-10 and competed in college for Boise State. Keep an eye on that school. With Neil Resnick and Tina Bird at the helm this season, you will see a lot of new things. Idaho was a great place for school. My daughter wanted to go somewhere where the classes were small, the gymnastics was great, and the feel was "small town". She turned down San Jose, Utah State, UC Davis, Cal State Fullerton and Sacramento State. She also turned down an official visit to Cal Berkeley. Boise was exactly what she was looking for, and she has no regrets. Best of luck to you dd this upcoming season! What is her favorite event? My daughter really loved beam. BSU Fan
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