Level 2 State Meet ?

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New to all of this, and my dd is competing in her first state meet in early May (FL AAU.) The coach mentioned she's competing in the "elite" group. What the heck does this mean when you're only L2. Is it like swimming where the kids are grouped into "heats" and compete against others with similar scores? She's come along ways since she started, but is def not in the top groups even at qualifiying meets.

Just curious as we try to figure this out. Also I want to set her expectations so she's not disappointed.


gym mom

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Sep 8, 2007
My dd also competes AAU Fl L4 @ L 2 I beleive it is only broke up in 2 groups at state they go by the highest qualifier score of the season 35 and higher in 1 group but they do break up in ages also.In L3 I beleive it is usually 4 different groups by L4 it is like 6 different groups.So they are placed with girls with previous scores I really like the system it gives them a better chance to place at states.
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