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Sep 8, 2008
My daughter is is an advanced preschool class at her gym. She is starting to get some of the skills that she has been working on all summer long. She just got her chin pullover, bridge kickover, & back walkover.

She is working towards Level 3. Our gym does evaluations (not tryouts) for team level. I don't know when they will be moving girls up. What are the entry level skills for Level 3?

Thanks in advance :)


These are the main skills in each level 3 routine.

Floor: Round-off, bridge kick over, handstand forward roll, backward roll with straight arms to pike stand, 60 degree straight leg leap, 1/2 turn, and stretch jump tuck jump.

Vault:forward roll on to a mat that is waist high to gymnast (plus or minus 8 inches of skill cushion)

Bars: Back hip pullover, cast, back hip circle, stride circle (aka mill circle), squat on, pike sole circle dismount.

Beam: handstand (no angle or hold is required), split jump minimum of 30 degrees, cartwheel to side handstand dismount.

Good luck!
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