Level 4 bar deduction ??

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Aug 23, 2007
How much of a deduction is it in the level 4 bar routine if a gymnast does 1 1/2 mill circle but doesn't fall off.. .rocks back up to the bar and then does another mill circle?
If they did one complete mill circle then kept going and did another half--ending upside down and rocking back up to the bar; I believe it is considered a fall (0.5 deduction). If they've already done one and a half mill circles, there is no need for them to repeat the skill again. There might actually be a deduction for repeating the skill again, but I'm not 100% sure.
Speaking form experience from my oldest, they lose .5 if they continue on past on mill circle, they would also get .3 for adding an extra element I believe.
they would lose .5 plus execution on the first uncompleted one... so most likly around 6-8. then the second one was not nessasary and she would lose the .3 plus any bent arms or legs.
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