Level 4 bars question-help!

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Aug 16, 2008
My older dd had her 2nd to last practice before states tonight. She came home upset because one of the coaches told her she was leaving a cast out of her routine. She did the routine without the cast at her last meet and got a 8.45, but also had a couple form breaks.

Is there supposed to be an extra cast between the front hip circle and the shoot through on the L4 routine? I have seen it both ways. She says she can't do the shoot through with the extra cast...and now she is worried about the state meet!

We are going to ask the head coach on Thursday...but I wanted to ask here too.

Her bars routine is in the montage below. Is she leaving out a cast between front hip circle and shoot through? Advice is much appreciated!:eek:

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Aug 2, 2008
east coast
She is only required to show a small cast after the front hip (which she does, albeit quite small) then touch her hips to the bar, then cast shoot through. She is probably getting deducted a little for the height of the cast, but its defibitely there, at least in the video.


Jul 5, 2007
FHC cast is one major element in L4 (the cast is a separate major element in L5). So if they don't do the cast in 4, they aren't exactly missing an element, but there is a deduction. I don't know the exact threshold, one of the judges can probably help with that. There is supposed to be a cast, and it's not connected to the shoot through (FHC immediate cast, hips back to the bar, cast shoot through).


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
I think that this video is a good example of what it is supposed to look like. My DD tries to do it like this, but her casts are much smaller.

YouTube - Cora's Level 4 Bars Routine 9-22-07

I think it is confusing sometimes, the wording of it, etc. My DD said "there are 2 casts, you do a FHC, cast, cast, shoot through." :D
Oct 2, 2008
South Carolina
Pages from Judging.jpg

Here is the section in the Table of Penalties that addresses the FHC and deductions

Hope this helps...
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