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Level 4 bars question

Discussion in 'Women's Artistic Gymnastics (WAG)' started by claudidoll, Feb 12, 2018.

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  1. My daughter often shifts her position after her first tap swing on the high bar, she claims there isn’t a deduction for that but I’m curious.

    I can post a video if that would help
  2. not a coach but a video may help understand what exactly she is doing
  3. I'll try uploading a video

    the shift thing I'm talking about happens at the 13/14 sec mark
  4. I'm not 100% positive but I believe that if you lift or shift your hands on the back swing is ok as it is considered regripping.
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  5. It looks like just regripping to me.
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  6. I would expect that tap swing to get deducted significantly for various reasons.
  7. Hmm, it is more than regripping on the first one. She is letting go with both hands and doing a little hop to the left. I would assume that is a deduction.
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  8. That’s what I was thinking, she changed her position in the bar...
  9. I really have no idea what it should look like, I’m sure there are many issues she struggles with bars...

    The routine did score well and she placed third on bars
  10. The rest of the routine isn't bad. But she does need to keep tension on the bar and lift to hollow in the back of the swing. She moves over because she's losing tension and hopping her hands. Based on the equipment in the video, I'm assuming you're in another country the uses the USAG JO routines. Not sure if they'll use the same deductions. I would expect a deduction of three tenths for the back of that swing.
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  11. Thanks.
    Good catch we are in Canada.
    She says she purposely hops to the left to keep her dismount on the mat

    As far as I know we use the same deductions.... but I’m curious is you think the 9.134 she scored seems reasonable... we are heading to a meet in the states and I wonder if our girls are way over scored here
  12. I’m not a coach or judge, but having watched lots of level 4 bar routines, I would say in our area (Region 5 if that matters), that would be a low to mid 8ish. It’s a good routine, but I don’t believe either cast was horizontal, some bent arms on the kips, leg separations on casts, squat on and dismount, and the shapes on tap swing. But, judging is sooo different even meet to meet you just never know.
  13. Instead of hopping to the left... why doesnt she jump to the middle of the bar after her squat on (making sure she is in the middle of the low bar)?
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  14. I think that’s what she does most of the time but I guess when she feels like she’s not centred coming out of the back hip circle she makes a call to “hop”
  15. I think she does jump centered after her squat on. The reason for the 'hop' to the left would be because she has to 1/2 turn over her right shoulder to dismount. If she was center on the bar - she might feel as though she lands off-center after the 1/2 in the dismount.

    Side note- I always would 'hop' on my backswing when I was in gymnastics (2001-2004?). We were taught to re-grip at the back of every swing. Is this no longer allowed?
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  16. I think she looks wonderful. Tell her to keep working hard and listen to her coaches corrections.
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  17. Truthfully I would not expect it to score a 9 but it is a competent routine. I'm around an 8.5. Hard to say over scored because I know they adopted the routine elements but I'm not sure they adopted all the same deductions or that the judges would have the same training/testing (presumably not) so I think that would just fall under a regional judging variation. Also we're watching the video from the back which isn't really a judging angle. Perhaps the swing looks better from the side. Regardless I think she is strong enough to progress and would likely start to fix her swing just through experience.
  18. Sounds like a mental thing that she should stop doing then. She should be able to do the whole routine without needing to move over. The mats are pretty big. She does seem to start the routine off to one side of the bar set, she should start scooted over more so she does not feel she needs to move over in the middle of the routine.
  19. Nice routine! So my DD did a similar looking routine today and scored a 8.4 here in the states. If you can get past the extra people in the not so great recording it may give you a bit of an idea.

  20. Thanks! She looks great
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