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Nov 8, 2018
hi all,
i have a new level 4 group who come in 3 days a week and will be getting around 40 minutes on bars obviously i want to help them out and get them as ready as possible and our level 4s last year didnt do so hot on bars. i was wondering how you guys structure your bars practice and what you guys would work on...
as of now i have one day really focusing on kips casts on low bar and high bar, a second day focusing on their high bar mostly not sure how i should spend their last day.
(feel free to put in any drills you find are important just trying to learn and get some new ideas here)
i'd think about what their weak points are, and then do those things.

I actually made a post exactly like this about 3 years ago when I was feeling lost with my Lv.4's. I went to another coaches gym (much more skilled than me) and watched him coach for hours.

I spent the next year basically just copying everything he did lol
that gave me and my girls a pretty good baseline on bars (strength, structure, etc.), the last 2 years i've been changing everything slowly until it's just how I like it

hope my experience is helpful! I don't have any specific advice to give you!
also thanx coachp :)
My favorite bar warm-up with that level is glide, glide, glide kip, drop kip, drop kip, pike-on, glide kip, pike-on, jump off. For the first few weeks, I spot it until my arms are going to fall off. When a little one can kip pike-on jump off the high bar by themself, they feel like they can take on the world. Make sure to put extra mats for the jump off.
Not open for further replies.