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Level 4 practice hours?

Discussion in 'Parent Forum' started by GymMom102509, Apr 9, 2018.

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  1. She corrected in middle of thread that she did mean 4x3 weeknights
  2. Thanks, I looked for it, I must have missed it.
  3. 16 hours 4 days 4 hours
  4. 16 - 4x 4 hours. They do get a snack break and can take 1 rotation for homework at each practice, except Friday.
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  5. I love this idea!
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  6. We do 15 hrs a week - 3 hr practices, 5 days a week.
  7. I honestly have no idea, which probably sounds really rude, sorry. I *think* they are there 3 days a week, and can’t imagine them going more than 3 hours each time.
  8. I would rather they not do snack and homework and get done and home quicker.

    Our practices no matter the level top out at 3 hours most days, exceptions camp days and special training sessions. They work hard for 3 hours, no snack time and are done.

    Everyone finds the fit that works for them.
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  9. I wish our gym topped out at 3 hour practices (at least for the lower levels.)
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  10. Agreed. Our 4s do 3 x 4 hours, but I would much prefer 4 x 3 hours.
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  11. Most of ours do 16hrs 4hrs 4 days a week. We do have some that home school that do more.
  12. I may have missed the answer, but what is TOPS?
  13. TOPS is a talent identification program whose goal is to identify young girls who may have talent for the elite path. TOPS training generally consists of mostly strength and flexibility, but there are some skills as well. Generally, girls age 7-10 who do TOPS test in the summer and then can qualify to national testing. The highest scoring girls from that make the TOPS national team, and get to train at the ranch during TOPS camp(well, not anymore).

    Having said that, some elite gyms choose not to participate in TOPS and it certainly isn’t necessary.
  14. My L4 does 16 hrs.
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