Level 4 ROBHS

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May 19, 2010
I have a level 4 that wants me to spot her on her ROBHS in her floor routine during our competition. A part of me wants too but yet I need her to not reley on me to always help her. Any thoughts?? Also whats the greater deduction a coach spotting or eliminating the BHS?
I am just a parent, but I can share with you what they do at my gym.

If the girl simply is not ready to do a ROBHS she doesn't compete floor. If it is more of a confidence issue the coach will go out on the floor when time and get into a "spotting position". The coach doesn't actually spot the girl, but I think she feels better having the coach there so that if something were to go really wrong someone can "save her". It seems to work for those girls who just feel better having the coach there.

Good Luck!
Spotting BHS: total deduction = 1.1 (.6 Value of BHS + .5 spot) Then there would be execution deductions on top of that (bent arms, legs, rebound, etc.)

Omitting BHS: total deduction = 1.2 (.6 Value of BHS x 2)

The spotting deduction only applies if the gymnast is actually touched. If a coach is simply standing there (at L4) there is no deduction.
how about waiting to compete until the athlete can actually do gymnastics?:)
Can she actually to the RBHS by herself? I have a couple that can do it and they are just afraid. I did go out on the floor the first meet but we told all of the girls that we would not be going out on the floor for anymore meets. Sometimes they just need the push and confidence to do it. We spotted the first one because they were new level 4's and nerves were already running high. They have made it through the first one now and know what it's all about so now its up to them.
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