Level 5 beam routine

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Sep 9, 2008
Hi all, just have a question on the "leap" on the level 5 beam routine. DD is very small, and has a much longer torso then she has legs. She is getting completely freaked out by her leap, because her beam coach hates her leap. Not exaggerating.... She gets compared to other girls who have legs that are at least 3 to 4 inches longer then hers. For those that don't know my DD, she is 7 years old. My question is......does her anatomy make a difference? I think her coach feels she is just scared and or not trying. I know that she is trying because she is so freaked out about it. The leap is what she fell on at her last meet. I beleive that the mind really does a number on these gymmies and I don't know whether I should approach the coach about laying off of her on these leaps or just let it work its way through. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks.
The leap only has to be EVEN leg seperation and 90 deg that is not very big as long as her hips go up even legs she can do it just as well as bigger kids!
The leap only has to be EVEN leg seperation and 90 deg that is not very big as long as her hips go up even legs she can do it just as well as bigger kids!

Thanks! I think she is doing that. I know that our coach is really in to beam. She is a great coach. She just really strives for perfection, which I am greatful for. From my very untrained eye....her leap looks as good, if not better then most of the other girls her age, and a lot that our older, at our meets. It is not as large as the bigger girls, but she does get off the ground and she keeps her back leg up when she lands. She is definitely at least at 90 deg. Thanks for your help!!:)
Some of it may be mental at this point---afraid to really go big on the leap because she'll fall. Staying very tight in the legs with good toe point can help make the leap look a little bigger than it is and I don't know of a judge that isn't a sucker for pointed toes!
it is also important for your dd to keep her chest up. there should be no leaning forward during take off or while she is in the air. also walking toe ball heal is the best entry. hope this helps!
You said that your DD took a spill on the beam recently, are her leaps smaller since that incident? Your coach may be using this pressure to try and get her to go for it again. She knows your DD can do better and she is pushing her (possible explanation).
The coach may also be comparing her leap on floor to her one on beam. If the beam leap is much smaller than she knows that your daughter is capable of more it should be the same leap on floor and beam. I have never seen body type affecting the leap itself, strength and flexibility will determine the leap.
Thank you all for your help. I had a talk with the coach and we tried a little different approach. She backed off a bit and just started from scratch...kind of, told her the basics and went from there. Nothing DD didn't already know. She landed the majority of her leaps beautifully so now is convinced she learned some trick to her leap. Whatever works I guess. She does not have a "great" leap on the floor. However, I think it is beautiful for her pint sized body. She is extremely strong, not so flexible. That may be what is holding her back. Anyhow, thanks again for all your advice. It is very much appreciated. We have a meet this weekend.....I will let you know how she handles the leap. Cross your fingers!
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