Level 5 evaluation in 2 weeks!!

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I'm going to be evaluated for level 5 in 2 weeks. I'm so excited! :goodvibes: If I pass I can go straight to the team!! I'm missing kips and my vault though, so hopefully I'll get those in time... I'm really close to my kip, so some kip fairies would go a long way! ;)

Also, financial fairies wouldn't hurt either :greedy:

THANK YOU~! :pray:


Proud Parent
Mar 20, 2009
I know for a fact that the kip fairy is making rounds! She visited us a couple of weeks ago! I will blow her your way! Best of luck at your evaluation. Let us know how it goes!!


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Sending you the kip and vault fairies! Good luck at your evaluation!


Good Luck!

How exciting for you! Good luck...


...a kip fairy for you!


I failed. :rottentomato:

I hit everything on floor and beam, one fall on beam but I got a couple of tries for each skill so I did pretty good. But I totally bombed bars and vault. My back hip circles just didn't seem to want to work for me until the very end. I never got my kip. I only made it over the vault once with a spot. At least I discovered why I was having so many problems with it. I hadn't known about how the number of springs you use is different for everyone, and I had been using 3 in front when I ought to have been using 2. Nobody had thought to check before because even though I am the tallest in my class, I weigh about 5 pounds less then the other girls (Lack of a chest, haha).
I wasn't ready for it, either. They had told me that I was to be taken out of class at eight and they took me out at seven thirty, which through me for a loop. And I swear my vision stopped working properly for the first 5 minutes if not the whole thing. I hadn't done gym in a week because of labour day. :sorry:

So when I finished I went back to class thinking oh well I think I at least did well enough to pass, because I only missed kips and vault. But then he started spewing some junk about how they'd 'love to have' me but since competition season is 'coming right up' (the first meet is in late november) I really 'needed to have' all my skills. If they want to have me so much why are they failing me. How the heck am I going to get these two really difficult skills in rec classes is what I want to know. We do vault maybe once a month and to be perfectly honest the rec coaches really don't care that much about me. They never give good tips, they never do good drills and and I didn't even know what a kip machine was until last month.

So after that I couldn't even finish class because I went to the bathroom and suddenly started crying and couldn't stop. :ashamed: I didn't want to embarrass myself so I left. :guilty:

God I'm so upset. :gloomy:
Feb 26, 2007
Evalautaions are always tough when you don't make it. Just remember you aren't the first and your certainly will not be the last. This still happens to Elite level and National team girls, they get called to training camps and then are publicly sent home because they just are not what the powers that be are looking for.

You can either let this get you down or you can use this opportunity to drive you harder to get the needed skills. Now they know you have the ambition and that you are prepared to work hard. Time is all that is needed.

My youngest is really needing her kip right now as well, after months and months of practice it is right there but just will not come. She too will get left behind without it, but as I say to her at least she knows what she needs, it isn't a mystery like at some clubs.

Sorry you are so sad, I know it hurts. Here's a (((HUG))).


Ouch. That stings =(.

How many days a week are you going to class? You'd be surprised what you can learn--and how much rec coaches can care.

I hope you get what you need out of gymnastics. The journey is beautiful, the destination keeps moving.


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Evaluations can be rough. I am proud of you for going out there and trying, many wouldn't even have done that. Not sure I would have had the courage to do that when I was young.

Could you talk to them about possibly training with the team for a month to see if you can get all your skills in that time period?

So sorry that you are so disappointed. HUGS.
They do have a level 4 team, however the kids on that team just moved up from pre-team and are 6/7 years old. I don't mind being with 8/9/10 year olds but 6/7... Eh... I have no talent for getting along with the little guys.

They said I can test again as soon as I get those skills. :worried:

I might be getting 2 private lessons; one for the vault and one for the kip since I won't be needing my money to pay for team this month; but I'm reluctant to spend since I was planning on saving my $200 for leotard and warmup expenses.

*breaks out the orange juicer* It's gonna be a long weekend. :sigh:

Mariposa: That's a good idea, but I'm reluctant to push it. I don't want to P.O. anybody before I have my feet (and my name) firmly planted on the Autumn Classic score sheet. :S
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Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
Fishchimes, I also sorry that you did not make the L5 team this time. ((((HUGS))))

I understand your reluctance to be the 6/7 yr olds on the L4 team, but I think that you might have a much better chance of working your kip and L5 vault as a L4, seems like you would be uptrained more than a rec class that may be training L4 skills.

It may seem awkward at first ( we have a 13 yr old L3 at our gym) if you show the coaches you are willing to do what it takes to make team, work hard you could get those skills and maybe score out of L4 ( if your gym allows this).

Good luck and don't give up, I have seen so many girls miss L5 team because of the kip. It is a very hard skill.


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Mar 9, 2008
((((Hugs))))to you! Sounds like one way or another, you need more time in the gym, working on those skills. You can't be expected to get them, if you are hardly ever allowed to work on them! The L4 option sounds good, may be a little awkward for you at 1st. But you would get to focus on your needed skills and as gymmomntc2e6 says & maybe you won't have to stay L4 very long. Also, does your gym offer "open gym"? When you can go in & just practice want you want too? If so, that's a good way to slip in some extra practice hours. Good luck & keep up the hardwork, it will pay off! You should be VERY proud of yourself!!! And so should your coaches! Bet they wish all of their gymnasts were as motivated as you are:D!
Nov 25, 2008
Does your gym (or any gyms nearby) have open gym? It is usually cheaper and you could work on skills for around 2 hours. And with kips, at least for me it was lots of repetitions that did it for me. I coached at the gym at the time, so I would stay and just do kips for hours until I got it. It was very frustrating, but then I got it. Also if your gym has a set of p-bars, you can make one bar high and one low. Hang from the higher one and put your feet on the lower one (feet should be in front of you). Then, bend your knees and try to push to a front support on the higher bar without bending your arms (I think it's called a stem rise). Also, those kip swings help. I used to jump from the ground and put only one foot in it once I could do it with two feet to get the feel of it.

Lots of Luck and don't give up


You can also work the stem rise with a box or stack of panel mats under and slightly in front of a low bar. Maybe your rec coach would let you do this as a station at bars. Lots of V-ups at home in your spare time. The more conditioning you do at home the stronger you will get and the better you can make use of your time in the gym.

And always remember, gymnastics is fun! Regardless of what skills you can do or how far you get, it's fun to run and jump and swing and flip, don't forget that :)


aww. sorry!
are you allowed to take another evaluation once you get the skills?
Don't give up, if you keep trying and getting better they'll realize that they should've taken you!
Just remember: gymnastics is gymnastics whether you're competing or not. Just keep enjoying the sport and having fun!!
Good luck to you!!!! :)


So sad to hear you didn't make team this time around. Hoping you get yor kip really fast and are able to schedule another tryout.
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