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Oct 2, 2008
Well we've gone from having difficulty on vault to something is up on floor!! To watch DD's floor routine it looks very nice. She is tight most of the time and is on with the music and smiles and all is well. I know her dive roll still needs some help, but I cannot figure out what else could be wrong with her routine. Last year as a Level 4 she was scoring 9.5's on floor. This year her floor score gets worse with each meet. It was an 8.3 at our last competition. Does anyone have any ideas on what it is the judges deduct on the floor routine? I have asked her coaches and they tell me that it's just little things - but no explanation as to what those little things are.
Thinking of some of the things my DD has had deductions on . . .

dive roll, back extension roll not hitting vertical, leaps not big enough, back walkover - bent legs, not large enough degree of seperation, keeping legs together on both backhandsprings.

There are a lot more opportunities in L5 for deductions for bent arms and/or legs, and even more as they go up.
I have heard that there are substantial deductions (like .4 or so) for bent arms on the back handsprings and feet not together on the landing of the back handspring.
Bent arm and legs. Arms not at or behind the ears. Pointed toes is a big one. Hollow positions. Half turn feet have to be directly at the knee/ankle not forward or behind. Foot touching the white line. skipping something in her routine.
How is her back extension roll? That can be a killer. It needs to be straight arm, go to a true handstand position, and be tight (no arching).
The dance is what you need to be looking at. All the little moves. Do you have a book with the routines in it? Make sure that she is following that to a "t" The wrong prance or whatever could be killer.
Something we just discovered in our gym (this past Thursday to be exact), is that after the weight transfers forward and back (on the half turn) the hands are supposed to be on their hips before they go up for the back roll.
The level 5 routine is much more difficult and easier for them to get sloppy on. If it's early in your season, fairly low scores for a first year level 5 wouldn't really be unexpected, especially if she's on the younger side. We're asking them to remember a lot.
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