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Dec 18, 2014
This may be the wrong place to ask I apologize if so.

I posted a while back about my daughter struggling to test out of 4 ... well she finally did and got the 34 we waited so long for lol. This year she moved onto level 5 and finally got her first 9 ever. However it’s only been on the beam and at one meet.

I am curious this last meet she completely missed the beam but when she got back up she just continued and the rest was flawless ... she got an 8.225. My question is did she lose credit for the skill because her feet never touched the beam? And would she have also lost the points for a fall? I know this scoring stuff is silly to try and figure out but I just want to get an idea of where she would have scored compared to her piers?

I think she finally found an event that she actually excels at! She never has got top 3 for anything in the last three years she rarely gets a medal unless they gave them all around to everyone she has def seen progress this year! Finally got 3rd in two meets on the beam which she never expects but it’s nice to see her have some success after years of watching all her friends get called for medals!
Thank you this really kind of makes me happy because she scores a 8.225 so would have possibly been a 9 ... she usually nails the bwo but sometimes she just completely misses the entire beam . I am just so proud of her for not letting it ruin the rest of her routine
For compulsories an incomplete element is up to the value of the skill, it’s up to the judges to decide how much was completed.(missing feet means no credit in JO optionals and Xcel) Back walkover is worth 0.6, so missing the feet is usually around 0.3 plus 0.5 for the fall.
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