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Proud Parent
Jul 17, 2007
Region 1
This season has been going on forever! Next weekend is finally state. Dd is in the last season Saturday night. I think 6 months is just too long for a season. Hopefully dd has a good meet but she is really bored with 5 skills so we will see!
Welll good luck for States. That is an incredibly long season, I cannot imagine how the gymmies remain motivated. Hope the weather isn't too warm.
I thought everyone was done with States already, wow. Sending her lots of good luck and have fun vibes!! 6 months is a long time. We have two 3 month seasons here, with a month break in between, so it doesn't seem as long because of the break. States is after the first season and the 2nd season is optional for compulsories, but most gyms do at least some meets.
OMG!!! I thought everyone was done by now!?! That is a looooong season. At least she'll be able to have ALL of the fairies since no one else is competing right now, LOL!!! Sending ALL the fairies & lots of Good Luck to your DD at states!!! Have a great time:D!
I can't believe how long your season runs. When does your meet season start? What region are you in?

Good luck tomorrow! Let us know how she does!
Woo Hoo.........DONE!
It wasn't her best meet she fell on beam but other 3 were good.
Vault 9.1 (personal best for level 5 and 2nd )
Bars 9.45 (State Bar champ)
Beam 8.65 (dang cartwheel! 7th Place)
Floor 9.275 (2nd Place)
AA 36.475 State Champion!!!

Finally gets one week off and then back in for 6 skills!
Congratulations!!!! States may have been a long time coming, but well worth the wait! CB has yet another state champ in our family!!! Your DD did an excellent job!!!WTG!!!:applause::thumbsup::highfive:
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