level 6 beam dismount!

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I have really been struggling with the dismount on beam i just can't seem to get it all put together. I have a really archy handstand because I have very bad shoulder flexability and can never seem to get my arms over my head. I was wondering if anyone had any drills or suggestions on how to make this better.

I was also wonder what kind of dedution I recive for not completing the skill and sometimes falling on it. I have already competed this year with this dismount and I usually just try to do it and end up falling and then getting up and doing the level 5 dismount.

I really dislike these and my coach has been working on these with me because it is my major flaw in my rountine i was just wondering if anyone had and suggestions or drills for me. and also does anyone else struggle on these?

thanks for you help!


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Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
If you feel the main problem is shoulder flexibility, I would start there. There are stretching exersizes you could do for that, your coach should be able to show them to you.

Also, lots and lots of handstands. Do them against a wall or mat with your tummy, not your back, facing the mat.

Handstand pirouettes on the floor.

Hope this helps


Jul 5, 2007
If you can do a handstand forward roll (or just a handstand and flop on your back, really, let's not get fancy here), you have the physical ability to kick up and turn (where the roll would happen). There's not a whole lot of shoulder flex for this skill. The issue is getting the shoulders OVER your hands, instead of trying to just drive your heels and up and leave your core behind. Your center of gravity has to "shift" in order to make the turn, and that won't happen if you don't kick up so your shoulders go over your hands. If you drive just the heels and don't shift the shoulders over, then your center of gravity is still pulling back towards where you started.

Go ahead and do some handstand forward rolls and feel what you're doing. Feel right where your center of gravity changes and you START to roll. That very instant. This is where you want to push down hard on the supporting arm and turn.

(I would like to note that I make variations and parts of this speech about 394859039485 times per week)
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