Level 7/8 beam series

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Hey there,

I seem to remember someone saying earlier this year that a series of RO, RO or CW, CW, or CW, RO wouldn't be allowed anymore because technically they cannot be directly connected. Can anyone confirm or debunk this?
For L7- they can do a non flight connection then the ro seperately

for L8- the Cart-RO is acceptable when done in a certain way, but VERY hard to connect & get credit for. The gymnast would have to land the cartwheel on 1 leg & immediately swing the other leg forward to do the RO.

Can the gymnast back walkover? can she front walkover? Im assuming you are thinking about using this connection b/c the gymnast has fears? Front walkover front handspring maybe???
Both are legitimate connections. Cartwheel-cartwheel is fine for L7 as long as there is a flight element elsewhere, and cartwheel-roundoff works for L8. Keep in mind that these are somewhat awkward connections and there is often a rhythm deduction incurred. However, I have seen them done well, so it is possible!!
In the short term that could be your solution; however, it's important to have a bhs for the future. You really can't compete L9 without a handspring connection.

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