WAG Level 7/8 floor music.

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Oct 7, 2014
Dd has fallen in love with the floor music Torn by Lanier. How many of you have heard it in comp? Her coach does not want her to have something super popular. I haven't heard it in comp yet. I usually hear a ton of pirates and resolve. How about you all? She has had skyfall by Adele for two years and would have been ok with one more. She never likes the canned sound of the music from some of the gym music sites. So we usually end up editing the music ourselves.
I heard it about 8 million times at Xcel states this year. It got to the point where the girls were like "ugh, again?!" Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! Maybe it's different in your area...
The group Two Steps From Hell makes movie score music and you may be able to find something by them that's similar to this music, but far less common.
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