Level 7 vault

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This question should be cleared up pretty quickly I do believe. I had heard that there was a USAG discussion about a vault change for optionals. I know that level 8's are allowed to do (limited) yurchenkos, but I know it was also discussed that level 7's would be permitted to do a yurchenko 'timer' i.e. just the RO entry, no salto or twist. Did this pass or not?
I don't think the vault for L7 was changed at all. Some wording about it being hard to judge a timer. I know our girls that will be L7s and those maybe moving to L8 are training both tsuks and yurchenkos, but many seem to try the tsuk more and aren't being pushed into the yurchenko. I would think if there had been a change, they would be seriously concentrating on the yurchenko.
Alright. My coaches are pushing yurchenkos harder, so either they know something I don't, or they just want us to get the experience!
My coach is good with us and teaches us everything you do, but in a nice way. Sometimes she comes cranky and yells on every little mistake. But she's the best. She taught me everything I know about this BEAUTIFUL sport. And gymnastics is not 'just a sport' to me, it's my life! Everyday I wake up I am happy because I have found this club in which I can train my passion. :) please answer me, anybody, I like friends, especially gymnast friends :)
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